Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poke Me, Please

I'm so unmotivated today. I have been impersonating a slug for most of the morning.

It's Dale's fault.


He came home from work early yesterday and said he didn't have to go back in until Monday.

So now my brain is on "vacation" mode and thinks I don't have anything to do.

Now that that birthday bash is past, I have a TON to do. Like... finding the garden amongst all the weeds. We got an excellent start to it yesterday, but it is rainy today, so we are staying indoors for the most part. Personally, I feel like I could just sprawl out with a book and nap and read all day, if there weren't all these little interrupters around. :)

I also have a nice long "Hurry UP!" sewing list going. Simple, A-line play dresses for the girls, swim suits for everyone (except Dale, who won't take off his sneakers, much less take a dip in the pool), and curtains for the little boys' room. I just finished Jerusha's A-line dress. It was easy-peasy. Great for a lazy day, for sure!

Here are some close ups of the fancy stitching: (Hopefully they look better here than they did on my hard drive!)

Okay... back to sewing for me.

Or maybe a nap.


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