Thursday, June 10, 2010

A "Homey" Kind of Day

Yesterday was a very rainy, very gray, very drowsy day. We had a nice gentle rain all day, sometimes getting heavier, but it was just what our thirsty garden needed. Of course, if the vegetables benefited, then you know the weeds did as well, so today I am hoping to get some weeding done before the next bout of rain, which probably won't be too long in coming, judging by the looks of the clouds rolling in.

It is going to be a homey type of day for the most part. Our lives really aren't that interesting, but here is an example of how one of our regular spring days might go.

First off is Bible reading. Everyone that can read in the least is trained to do it as soon as they get up.

One of my favorite things is getting up early to enjoy the quietude before the three ring circus starts for the day. I love to have coffee first thing, along with my Bible reading. Some mornings I go out on the swing and just enjoy the birds making their early morning calls to each while they look for breakfast, and the warmth of the early morning sunshine as it comes over the ridge. So peaceful!

I don't know why, but serious coffee drinkers have a "favorite" mug. The above has been mine for a long time. I was alarmed to see a hairline crack down the side of it this morning. It still holds the coffee in, thankfully!

Usually for breakfast we have oatmeal or eggs. Saturdays are pancake days for the most part. This morning I had nonfat yogurt and strawberries. So healthy and delicious!

Our tasks today are easy to list.

Laundry: a never ending task around here....

That load was going to go outside to be hung on the lines, but it suddenly looked like rain, so I threw it in the dryer. I love the smell of the laundry after it has hung out to dry!

I am cooking some pinto beans this morning as well. Around lunchtime I'll cut up the leftover ham from dinner the other night, some veggies, and put some cheese in it and viola! we have a yummy meal in the crock pot ready for us whenever we want.

Also today we will be working in the garden. We are finally entering a maintenance routine, though I am still trying to "find" all our pea plants. For now I have granted them extended life, as there may be enough for us to enjoy some fresh peas, though I don't think there will be enough to freeze any. The plants didn't do well starting out. Whether due to dryness, or too warm when we planted them (hard to believe after all these cool days we have been having!) or the weeds have choked them out, I don't know. I contemplated just tilling up the whole patch and planting some more corn, but I think we'll just let the peas be and see what happens.

At some point today we are going to get in some music practice. It has been sorely neglected since school was done, and gardening took over. Last Sunday Benjamin and I did a piano/violin duet, and made me realize we need to get back on a regular practice schedule.

After that long post about swim suit fabric, I received the fabric for the twins' suits in the mail yesterday. Wow! I was surprised. I had just bought it Monday. Impressive delivery time, for sure! I checked the fabric and .... it's PERFECT! I have my friend's daughter's all cut out so I'll whip hers up then do the twins'. For a simple, easy, quick project, there have been a lot of mishaps, mistakes, and frustrations, and I haven't even made one stitch on them yet! I hope the rest of the project goes smoothly.

In the evenings after supper we do family devotions, I do my exercising, kitchen clean up is done, and sometimes we play Wii together. After the younger ones are in bed I get a shower and get out some knitting to do while sitting around with Dale.

Not the most exciting type of life, but I like it. :) Not everyday is the same of course, but that is just a little glimpse of what some of our days are like.

Now... on to the "to do" list for me! Have a blessed day!


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Katie said...

Everyone has a story! I enjoy reading your blog.