Friday, June 18, 2010

Is This Big Enough For You?

It is for me!

What am I talking about? Well, since our big AC has been installed downstairs, we were left with an empty window upstairs in the living room. For weeks Dale and I have been talking about how big of a unit we need to do the kitchen and living room. Dale has done quite a bit of reconaisance and last night came home with this:

Not the cutie-patootie sitting on top, just what he is sitting on. I took one look at it and got excited and then looked at our windows. My dubious look prompted Dale to say, "don't worry, a lot of it is packing. I measured before I bought it."

Uh huh.

This AC unit weighs as much as Benjamin does. Dale had to get a bracket to help support it. It has a whopping 15,1000 BTU rating. Whoooey! That should keep the heat at bay.

If we ever get some. Seriously, I'm not crazy about summer personally, but the last couple days has been cool enough to wear a sweatshirt. All fine and dandy. But it is funny to see our pool up and ready to go, and our next door neighbor having smoke out of his chimney from running the woodstove.

Today is sunny, and supposed to hit 83. In fact, we are supposed to be in the mid to high 80's for about 10 days. I think summer has arrived!

Today we have a ton of errands to run in the afternoon. Benjamin has an eye appointment. The office just happens to be around the corner from JoAnn fabrics, so we are stopping there to pick up some elastic for those swim suits I made the girls, and get some fabric for the boys swim "pants". Somehow the boys didn't trust me to pick it out for them. What's up with that? I also need to get some tan fabric for a lap quilt for the Fibers of Faith project I am working on. Then there is the miscellaneous list that I will probably go to Target for, since it is in the same area. At any rate, this afternoon will be busy to say the least.

Meanwhile this morning we have been making bread, marinating chicken for grilling tonight, measuring the boys so I know how much fabric to get, doing laundry, picking up, and I'm about to go work on some sewing. Yesterday was such a laid back day with the the cooler temperatures and gray skies, and today feels so sunny and energetic. Hopefully my stamina will hold out!

Have a blessed day!

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Homeschoolmummyx3 said...

Lisa, what a blessing your hubby is! Whew!

You are so inspiring to me!