Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Q & A's

Shellee ~
The rolls turned out beautifully, thank you!
And yes... that snow was from that morning. It was gone by that afternoon, and we haven't had any since. In fact, we are enjoying some days in the 60's right now, but they are still gray, damp, and dreary.

Janet ~

Yes, I did a heart in every square, which you can't see in the close up pic.

I could do a tutorial, but there are tons of really good ones already out there if you google it. Plus, I have no plans to make binding right now. It is very easy though, and as I wrote, very satisfying for some reason.

I used Warm and Natural batting... my favorite!

Regarding the blouse~

The pattern I used was an adaptation between the bodice from a dress pattern I have from "The Kings' Daughters" and instructions for the slip on curved hem blouse I got from Ringger Clothing. I added the collar on my own.

According to the directions, there is no zipper or button in the back. However, for the blouses I am making to go with our jumpers, I will do a small slash opening for the back, and raise the neckline a bit. I didn't like how it fell with the jumper neckline. To do that, I will have to have a small hook and eye or small button in the back.

However, when I do our matching box pleat skirts and blouses, I will do the slip on style neckline, and a small ruffle at the hem just for the fun of it.

One of the things I like about sewing is the versatility!

I wouldn't say it was hard, but making sure the neckline was right took a little time. I didn't want it too low, but wanted it so I could slip it over the girls' head. Once you have that marked, it isn't any problem.

Hope that answers all your burning questions for now! LOL....

Speaking of sewing, I need to get my chores done so I can get to it today! We are taking a break from canning today to do some maintenance work as well as make bread, and I am making soup stock from a couple of ham bones. Also, of course, there is some school work to do.

Be blessed in the Lord!

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