Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Applesauce Marathon

It's that time of year again at the Beehive! Yesterday morning, despite some unforeseen circumstances, we started the annual applesauce making marathon. 9 bushels of apples, waiting to be Squeezo'd and processed, were tackled yesterday. No, not all nine bushels, just two. We are still trying to get *some* schoolwork done, but the schedule has been pared down (pardon the pun) to the basic core (ha ha ha ).

Today however, I have lofty ambitions of getting 3 bushels done, and thus passing the halfway mark. Wednesday we'll either take a break from the canning, or do just one bushel. We will need to make bread, and I need to make some soup stock from ham bones. What great weather for soup we have been having! Plus, we have prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings, and I would just as soon not have canning to finish up when we get home.

Every year I am so thankful for our Squeezo. My grandmother gave it to us years ago, and even though it is cumbersome, and a pain to clean, when you are doing several bushels of apples, it is well worth it.

Oh, and while all the apple washing, jar washing, apple cutting, cooking down, and running through the mill was going on, our sluggard kitten was staying safely out of the way.

Esther said to me as I was filling jars to put in the canner: "there is something so satisfying about seeing the jars when they are all done, and knowing there is good food put up for the winter!"

I quite agree.

Oh, btw.. those of you who have been asking questions about the sewing... I WILL get back to you soon. I will have a post for the Q and A's, hopefully tomorrow! I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was ignoring you all.


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