Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Fest Fun!

Last weekend was "October Fest Days" or whatever they call it, in a little country town near us. We went Saturday for a few hours. Unfortunately, it was drizzly, gray, damp, and chilly, so we decided against going for the corn maize and pumpkin display. However, we can still do that because the farm that has that activity is still open for the season.

I had found out at the Library previously that there was going to be a quilt show, so I had my sights set on that. Since we only had a couple hours before the different displays and sidewalk sales, etc. closed for the day we split up. We decided I would take whomever desired to go look and be inspired by beautiful quilts would be dropped off there, while others who wanted to be bored out of their skulls looking at woodcarving would go with Dale.

Despite my best pitch, only Esther and Isaac went with me to the quilt show. And Isaac only went because he had no choice. He did behave very well, and was cheerful the whole time, and never once asked if we were done yet, or how much longer, unlike his father who shows little interest, and less patience in such matters. I was pleased at Isaac's improvement in attitude as the last time I took him shopping for fabric in a quilt shop, he cried the whole time, much like his father does after I go fabric shopping.

I digress.

After viewing all the beautiful quilts, and having no less that two dozen projects I wanted to try, I bid on a sweet wall hanging in the silent auction. Guess what? Yup, I won! Now the reason I bid on it was because of the pretty applique work. I can't applique, and someday I want to take a class on it, but for now, I greatly appreciate and admire applique work. If I lived closer to my grandmother, I would ask her to teach me, as her applique is gorgeous. You can't even see the stitches! Alas, her being 6 hours away doesn't make for a possible commute, and I don't have the time right now to take a class, so I enjoy "just looking" and stick to piecing my quilts.

For now.

I digress, yet again.

So, without further babbling, here is the wall hanging, nameless, I am afraid!

Here is a close up of the applique work:

This is a close up of the 3-D scalloped border:

And a pic of the backing:

Isn't it pretty? It matches the colors in our bedroom, so I will be hanging it up there. It doesn't have a sleeve, so I will have to get some of those clippy hangy things for quilts.

We also hit the book sale at the Library. By the time we got there they were having a 2$ per bag sale instead of the regular 25 cents to a dollar.

We made a nice haul, I have to say. We filled two bags ( the brown paper grocery variety) with a nice assortment of books. Some were kids books, some fluff, some more educational, and some adult level books. Hey Grandma Van, you would have LOVED it! We figured out that we paid 5 to 10 cents per book, at most.

This week has been busy as usual. Jerusha and Isaac are both sporting sniffles, sneezing and a little coughing at the moment, and I have been fighting off something, making me quite tired by evening, so not much but the basics are getting done.

This Saturday is our Harvest Dinner at church, and I have to make a boatload of rolls, a couple pies, and cook the hams, slice them, and have them ready for the meal. When I signed up for the baking stuff, I somehow totally forgot I would probably end up doing the hams. Oops! Good thing I have good helpers.

We haven't started on the applesauce yet. I have been too low on energy to tackle it. I do feel better today than I have the last few days, despite being up a lot with Isaac last night, so maybe tomorrow I'll start it.

Jerusha's quilt is *almost* done. I am about halfway through slip stitching the binding, then I'll make a label and attach it. I'll post pics when it is completed.

After her quilt it is onto some garment sewing... and getting ready for some hand made Christmas items. The list is never ending!


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