Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer... Sort Of!

In our part of the country summer has been much cooler than usual. We have had a few hot days, but they are scattered and tolerable since it isn't weeks of high temperatures and humidity. Instead, on those rare really hot and humid days, we play in our little pool, and that works fine. It has been nice to not have to use the AC units! I am hoping that at this point we won't have to use them at all. However, we still have August to go, and usually August is the worst of it for us.

While I enjoy the cooler summer temperatures, it is making our garden grow slowly. Corn likes the humidity, so ours IS growing, but very slowly. It looks healthy though, and I still hope to get some corn off of it. Here are some pics of how our garden is doing:

Our corn so far:

Our tomato plants are huge this year, and have an encouraging amount of green tomatoes already! I have learned that the tomato plants like warm nights for ripening the tomatoes. We have been having nice, cool, nights, so it may be I will be making fried green tomatoes or green tomato relish instead of canning stewed tomatoes!

I love the violet blossoms on our green bean plants! The ants killed off a bunch of our seeds, but we should still be able to get some in the freezer.

We had our first picking of peas last weekend, and will be picking more very soon. Forget cooking them! We love to eat them raw. I also allow the kids to snack on them from the garden while playing outside. They like them, pods and all!

My brussel sprout plants are doing very well much to the children's chagrin.

Only about half the row of broccoli came up for some reason. What did come up, looks good so far!

Our potato plants are looking healthy. I would normally expect them to be flowering by now, but again, slow growing season for us.

Not pictured is a squash plant that is has tons of flowers on it, our onions, watermelon, which I don't expect to do well because they really like the hot and humid weather, pepper plants, and a few other things I didn't have time to showcase. LOL.

Saturday evening was spent in cooking for Sunday's fellowship dinner after the Baptisms. I made a venison and gravy dish:

You serve the above hot over biscuits, which I made a boatload of.

I also made a blueberry cobbler:

For supper Saturday we had pepperoni calzones with marinara sauce and a salad made from the lettuce in our garden and some fresh peas:

Call me crazy, but I love to work in the garden and wish I could spend all day in it, especially when the temperatures are so moderate. Watching the veggies grow, and knowing how good they will taste makes for extremely satisfying work. I love being out in the sunshine and just enjoying the soft breezes, and watching the birds and hearing the sounds of the kids playing or working alongside of me. Even Isaac is usually pretty content outside in the stroller for a while. Thank the Lord for these wonderful, beautiful days!

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