Saturday, July 18, 2009

Post Correction

Please note:

I changed part of the "Turn and Burn" entry. Someone pointed out that my comment on the lesson I learned that you don't stay in a Days Inn run by an Indian with a thick accent didn't come off as very complimentary. Indeed, it doesn't matter what nationality a person is, anyone from anywhere can be a bad business person. I changed that sentence to:

The lesson I learned is that you don’t get rooms in a Days Inn run by someone who doesn't have a good enough handle on the English language to understand "customer satisfaction" and keeps repeating "You check all rooms, pick one you like" when we say we want check out and would like a refund for the two nights we won't be staying there

I hope that explains my POV better. My appologies for making a sweeping stereotype. I have no problem with foreigners living here, as long as they are here legally, paying taxes, and not being a leach on our already crippled economy.

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