Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Fun Visit

Last weekend we were very happy to have Grandma and Grandpa visiting with us. As usual the time went by WAY too fast! It was extra special as this was the first time they had seen Isaac in person!

Grandma and Isaac getting acquainted with each other.

After all the usual high compliments about our newest addition, the older kids trapped them in some games. The question is, how many guys does it take to strategize the next move in checkers against the girls?

I think here Grandma was actually playing Chess with Benjamin, but also helping the girls with checkers. And she was also admiring that creation in Lego's next to her that Caleb made. A very talented woman, to say the least!

I love this.. the 4 year old versus Grandma in checkers. From what I understood, the rules were made up and changed arbitrarily by Jerusha, who was declared the winner by Grandma.

Grandpa showed the kids a new way to move the benches when sweeping up the kitchen. Honestly, I didn't even know they could do that! Very clever, Grandpa!

While we were sitting around chatting one morning I put together the new bouncy seat we got for Isaac. He has pretty much outgrown the swing, so now this little play seat will take its place.
Do you think he likes it?

I was lame and forgot the camera on several outings: Pool fun,went out for ice cream and I got to stop at Pucky Huddles, a wonderful quilting shop that just happened to be having a sale, lunch at Friendly's, a stop and Barnes and Noble, and a few excellent games of Scrabble with Grandma after the kiddoes were in bed. It was very busy weekend, and very enjoyable.

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