Monday, July 6, 2009

A few projects finished!

Things are very VERY busy here right now. I won't even list what all is going on. Suffice it to say, summer is anything but boring around here.

My sewing list has been shortened a little! Yes, the quilt is finished. The pic below is pretty much identical to the last one except the quilt is quilted and bound, and I made and attached the label on the back. Sorry for the crookedness, but my helper said she couldn't hold still. :)

Here is the label I made for the back:

Also, I finished the wall hanging I started longer ago than I want to admit to. All I have to do is attach the sleeve on the back and hang it in the guest room. Here it is all quilted and bound:

Last week I made valences for the girls new room. They finally moved into it last Wednesday. Since then we have made no progress on painting the little boys room as we have been baby sitting 3 of a friend's children. She is in Chicago with the oldest for the Godzilla convention, and her dh pastors and works odd hours for Time Warner Cable, so it was easier to just have them here. They will return home tomorrow sometime. It has been interesting to have 10 children in the house, from 6 months old up to 13 years old. The other day they were all in our pool (except Isaac) and that many little bodies really made the pool look full! Anyway, here is a pic of the valences for the girls' room:

Up next is denim skirts for the girls, the valence for the boy's room, and apron and a new knitting project. Whew! Oh yeah, I promised Jerusha a new quilt too. It is tradition for me to make a twin sized quilt when they move up into a "big" bed. When we moved the girls, Jerusha graduated to a twin sized bed, and now I am waiting for her highness to pick what colors she wants. At first it was pink, brown, and white. Now she wants me to make her another quilt JUST LIKE the scrap one I made her when she was a baby. That poor crib sized quilt is literally shredded to bits by use and love. I can't recreate it, but I can copy the quilt block and use scraps again if she really wants that. Hopefully she'll be able to make up her mind soon.

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