Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tunnel Vision Hazard

More planting was completed yesterday. We planted flowers at church, put down more mulch in the beds, my friend Mary gave me some rhubarb plants to start so Benjamin helped me put those in. We also planted zucchini, yellow squash and 10 rows of corn, and replanted the peppers closer together (I found out I had them too far apart. Apparently peppers like close fellowship.. same with the corn). We also planted the brussel sprout and watermelon plants. There was the usual run of laundry, chores, and schoolwork for those who still have it.

In the afternoon a gentleman from our church dropped off a box from the food pantry that he helps with. He has been doing this weekly for a while, and we appreciate his thoughtfulness. The kids were excited about the gooey, sweet donuts, and I was excited about about 5 lbs of black dried beans, and 5 lbs. of red kidney beans! Today is going to be pretty hot, so I won't do anything with them today, but as soon as possible I am going to cook them all up and freeze or can them for easy, quick use in the near future. There are lots of things to do with dried beans! They are good for you too, and cheap.. especially when you get them for free! LOL There was also bread, some cookies and some lettuce, a few tomatoes and cucumber in the box. For several weeks we had been getting macaroni elbow, tuna fish, canned sauces and veggies, a little bit of this and that, and ultimately a HUGE cabbage. It's like a mystery gift whenever he drops off a box full of food.

As I said, today is going to be hot, possibly hit 90 from what I saw. Most of the kids are sporting colds right now, too. I decided that we would wait until this evening when it cools off some to do any more planting. Meanwhile today, we are washing bedding, clothes, doing school work (to those to which it applies), I need to finalize our Rod and Staff book order, catch up on some desk work, catch up on some folding that I have been ignoring because of all the outdoor work, start the crock pot for supper, make cornbread, and get some ironing done. I *might* even start cutting out for my neice's quilt for her wedding. I washed and ironed all the fabric, so I can just slap down the cutting mat, get out the rotary cutter, ruler and directions and go at it.

My mind has been so focused on "the garden" that I was put into a panic last night while I was getting ready for church. I suddenly realized, I had plotted and planned everyday this week in such a way to cover the outdoor work, and hopefully finishing planting by this weekend before the birthday bash. Great! Fabulous... but I forgot something. Ummm... cleaning the INSIDE so our guests won't run away in fear! LOL. Also, we will be making cupcakes instead of a big cake. We do a D-I-Y decorating cupcakes. The kids love that. As far as presents go... well, that is a secret. We have something very special planned. Those of you that can't make it (nudging grandparents and absentee uncles and aunts here) you'll have to wait until after this weekend to find out. If you listen carefully, you may even hear the kids scream when they find out.

So, with that bit of suspense, I am going to rotate laundry and start delegating some chores.

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