Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Blessings!

Esther and Elizabeth turn 11 today! Happy birthday girls! We love you and are thankful that God put you in our family. (( Hugs ))

Most of the family already knows that we celebrate all our May birthdays later in the month. But just for something special, we are having a "Dessert Tea Time" with a couple friends after supper tonight. I will be making pumpkin scones, and we'll have some fruit salad too.

In the meantime, it is beautiful outside today. Lots of sunshine, so I am washing like crazy and hanging as much as I can outside. Also today I would like to try and finish the girls dresses. Those pesky things have been on my sewing table for too long, and I need to finish them up. Of course, there will be lots of outside time this afternoon! All our bikes have been maitenanced by the mechanic and his almost-teenager helper, so we have been enjoying some bike riding, along with basketball, and going for walks.

School is paring down to just a few things per day and we are enjoying some extra time to get some spring cleaning done, and more time outside. Pretty soon we'll be planting the garden! Wohoo!

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