Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baking Day!

We spent the morning yesterday, amidst piano practice, tutoring, chores, and lapbooking, doing some baking. The house smelled reallllly good for a while!

We had several bananas that were overly ripe so we made some banana oatmeal and raisin muffins.

Then I made these gigantic chocolate chip cookies from a recipe off the the No Greater Joy site. Not sure I care for the "cakiness" of them, but that didn't seem to put anyone else off.

Of course, making bread here is an every other day task, for the most part. Yesterday was Elizabeth's turn to mix up the dough, then put it into loaves, and baked it at the appropriate time.

Dale came home in the afternoon to lots of goodies to eat, and he and Isaac had some veggin' out time together.

We weren't the only ones baking yesterday. After prayer time at church, the kids were suprised by this creative cake made by Mary for the May birthdays.

It was delicious! Here is a pic of Butch and Mary, who are our right hands at church.

Each of the kids (except Isaac of course) got a lollipop. Those suckers are 89 cents a pop now! (puns intended... sorry!). YIKES!!!!

After a long day baking, fussing, playing and growing, Isaac had this response to all the hoopla:

As most of you know, Dale has a somewhat dry sense of humor that over the last 18 years I have learned to appreciate, eye roll, and ignore for the most part. His snide little comments are contagious though. The following is a true story.

Dale one night before church was quickly eating in his bathrobe. When he was done, he excused himself saying :
"I need to go throw my clothes on, be right back!"
Esther's response as she non-chalantly continued eating: "I hope you have good aim."


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