Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I've been a terrible blogger for the last.. what?  Several months?  Packing to move, getting moved, getting settled in, starting school, NaNoWriMo, Christmas, and now getting back into routine have all taken up my time.  In other words... living life!

We had a nice first Christmas in our new house.  This post is rather picture heavy, but stick with me!

Dale, Isaac and I went to a local restaurant/farm stand type place to get our Christmas tree.  In years past we have gotten a table top, Charlie Brown type tree.  This year, due to the high ceiling, we bought a 6 foot tree!  I was worried that we wouldn't have enough ornaments and lights, but we had just the right amount.  At the farm stand, there was this blow up snowman in a snow globe set up.  Isaac was quite thrilled with it!  He couldn't get enough of watching the fake snow blow around in it.

If any of you have ever seen my "decorating the tree" posts from previous years, you'll know that there was plenty of goofing off going on.  I'll spare the details on that.  

Well... I'll spare almost all the details.  *grin*

Before I put any presents under the tree Pumpkin claimed it as his new little hiding place.

On December 15th we hosted an Open House Christmas party at our house.  Elizabeth and I spent about a week and a half making party favors for the guests.  I came across these super easy, cute Christmas tree ornaments pattern on Ravelry.  They are like potato chips... you can't stop at just one!  (Although, after about 40 they do get a little old, I have to say.)

I also made 7 of these wall hangings.  One for each of Dale's and my siblings, and one to hang up here at the house.

For Isaac's birthday I made him a set of Curious George pj's.  No, I didn't finish his quilt in time.  In fact, it still isn't finished.  The top is almost completed though.  I've had a few other projects going on, but we'll get to that later.

Our church family surprised me the Sunday before my birthday by presenting me with a card, which everyone signed, and this corsage.  I was very touched!

Our "big" present for the kids was a new IdiotBox... aka... T.V.  Our old one was showing it's age.  It has had a very turbulent and rough life for the last 12 years.  So, Dale and I talked about it, and bought this flat screen deal.  Dale and Benjamin mounted it Christmas Eve.

My motley looking crew!

I had bought some material for new skirts for Esther back in October, and finally got around to putting them together over Christmas break.  They are a nice, soft Jersey knit, but look like denim.  This one is blue, and the other looks just like it, only black "denim".

Elizabeth has been bitten by the crafting bug!  She helped me knit all those party favors, and then us three gals started on these felted bags.  She was the first one done, so she got her pic taken.

After digging through my stash, she found this little kit for making a messenger bag.  Unfortunately, the directions were not with it, so she used the material and figured it out on her own.  She uses it to carry her books and knitting in whenever we go anywhere.

I've been knitting like crazy on Dale's sweater, and it is getting there. I blocked the pieces yesterday, and I will be working on sewing it all together.  Then I just have to add the collar and buttons.  I'll be glad when that is done!  Also, my felted bag needs to be sewn together, then I can felt it and put the strap on.  I have all manner of knitting projects to work on, to finish, so I'll delve into those after Dale's sweater and the felted bag is done.  The twins want to make cowls.  I have the pattern and yarn already for them.  We just have to get together and get started on it.  Elizabeth continues to be on a total knitting frenzy!  Since the Christmas Tree Ornament Marathon she has been working on what we lovingly call "The Beast".  This is an afghan I started many years ago when I first started to learn how to knit.  She works on it here and there.  It is made from Lion Brand Homespun.  We are going to transform it into a poncho when she is done.  She has also made a ruffle scarf with some ribbon yarn I gave her for Christmas, and has recently been making fingerless gloves.  She made herself a pair, Josiah a pair, and is now working on a pair for Benjamin, and plans to make some for a friend.

I've been working on my second book, which I started during NaNoWriMo.  I hadn't touched it since November 29th.  I finally started rereading what I wrote last week, and finished up over the weekend.  Monday I was able to start writing on it again!  Woohoo! It feels good to be back in the saddle!

Our busy schedule continues (big surprise there) but we have some fun stuff coming up too.  Tomorrow we are having a visit with our friends, the Grahams.  We try and get together about once a month.  We always enjoy our time with them, and consider it well spent.  On the 25th-26th, Josiah, Elizabeth, Esther and Benjamin are going to a "Winter Blast" retreat for 6th through 12th grades.    They are very excited about it!  I envy them.  I wish I was a teenager!  I even asked if they needed any more help, but they didn't.  They said the parents were welcome to stay too, but I think I will skip this time.  With Isaac, Jerusha, and Caleb way under the age limit, one of us would have to stay home anyway.  I might as well stay home too, and snuggle up in my own warm bed, and get up to a nice, leisurely cup of coffee.

We've had snow!  We've done lots of sledding, until last weekend when we had 50 degree weather and turned it all to mud.  Ick!  This morning, however, we woke up to cold temperatures and an inch or two of fresh covering.  Judging by the forecasted temperatures, it looks like it will stay around for a bit.  Goodie!

That is about it for now.  I hope you all are well, warm, and have a blessed evening!

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