Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Days!

Most of the Homeschooling moms I know are shutterbugs.  I think that is wonderful!  It is fun to have pics of all the great times that can happen, either planned, or spontaneously.  I had one such friend ask me, shortly after the school term started in the fall, if I found myself becoming more of a shutterbug.  Taking pics and putting some for "Field Trips" and different activities in the Portfolio seemed like a good idea.  It still does.

Too bad I hardly ever remember my camera!

I am TERRIBLE at remember my camera, or if I have it, remembering to use it!  Maybe I just get caught up in the moment, or maybe I'm just an airhead, but either way, I almost always forget to snap a pic!  I am not much of photographer either, so the pics that I DO remember to take aren't very good.

Oh well!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to take more pics of our children's activities.

That being said, here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately!

This is a snowflake that Josiah and Caleb made during a Lego Club Class.  It is a freebie online class through CurrClick.  LOVE those freebies!

Caleb and Jerusha just started a 6 week classes about Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins.  It is a lap book study.  Of course, I TOTALLY forgot to take pics this week!

You know you are a home schooler when this sort of thing greets you in the morning when you just wake up for your first cuppa.  Elizabeth was doing an experiment on osmosis with an egg and vinegar.  She soaked it over night in a cup of vinegar, and it ate away the shell and left this really weird feeling egg "thing".

Then she soaked it in plain water, (I think.... or was it Karo?  I don't remember now) and it shrunk to approximately one-fourth of the size it was with the vinegar.

Jerusha's birthday was Wednesday, but we are celebrating tomorrow evening.  She wanted a cheese cake for her birthday cake (yeah, she takes after her mother), and she wanted to help make it.  I can't believe she is 8 already!

This evening we dropped Benjamin, Esther, Elizabeth, and Josiah off at an overnight "Winter Blast" at Pennwood Bible Camp.  It is C O L D!!!!  I am sure they will have a wonderful time, however.  I thought about sending the camera with Elizabeth, but I didn't want her to be worrying about losing or damaging it.  So I had to be satisfied with what little I could do before we left.

(This was the "Josiah, smile, for crying out loud!" picture)

As a treat we went to a local pizza place for dinner on the way home.  Caleb and Jerusha are in a reading program.  If they complete a certain amount of books then they get a coupon each month for a free personal pizza and small soda.

Isaac and Daddy and myself (don't tell Elizabeth!  She'll make me do extra circuit training next week!) got this "Big Daddy" pizza that was on special.  There were plenty leftovers to take home even though Caleb and Jerusha both had some after they finished their personal sized pizzas.

There are plenty of pictures that aren't here, or anywhere, simply because I never took them.  We've been hiking and sledding, both of which I never take a camera with me because of the obvious high probability of the camera being lost or damaged.  The girls, in the very cold weather we have been having, haven't been doing much in the way of crafting.  Mostly we are snuggled up here and there around the house with books and keeping warm.  Elizabeth and I have done some indoor exercising to tapes and DVD's.  Honestly, as soon as we hit a good 20 degrees we are going back out for hikes.  I much prefer my exercise to be outside for some reason.

It is strange being home with just the littles tonight.  And Dale too, of course.  Still, the house almost feels empty with the four olders off for the evening.  We pick them up around 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, come home, then do Jerusha's birthday around supper time.

Have a blessed evening, and stay warm!

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