Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along

I'm making very slow progress on the socks I posted last week.  Sometimes you just kind of go through a "blah" stage, KWIM?  I've been concentrating on Isaac's quilt.  I had an inspiration for piecing the back, and so I've been working on that.  You'll get to see that when it is finished.  :P

The new yarn for Dale's sweater arrived, and I wound it yesterday while listening to Jerusha's Lit reading.  She likes to read out loud to me, though she is perfectly capable of reading to herself and does so 99% of the time with the other books her nose is constantly in.  (Oooh, dear, I ended that sentence with a preposition, didn't I? You know, there is controversy over that, despite the what the Grammar police say... there are times when it is acceptable, and Winston Churchill was known to do it on purpose just to prove a point... but that is another post for another time, and WAY off topic here!)

So, my goal is to have a finished sweater to show for the next Yarn Along, and maybe the book featured here will finally be done! Wow.. a different knitting project, and a different book!  Will wonders never cease?

It is raining cats and dogs here, and we have a flood watch out.  Too bad it isn't cold enough for snow. We'd be getting a TON of it right now.  Thankfully, the weather is changing back into Winter tomorrow, and it seems we may get enough snow to go sledding with the Teen group on Saturday after all.

Have a blessed day!


momto5 said...

here's to lots of snow! :) love that chocolate brown colored yarn.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome to come and use our snow! ;)
We have plenty of it.