Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes You Need a Plan B, or a Plan C, or a Plan D, etc

I started a sweater for Dale a while back.  I intended on making it for him for Christmas.  Welllll, I didn't get it done in time, but had some "backup presents".  I told him what I was working on, and that I would get it done as soon as possible. At least now I could work on it in front of him, instead of trying to find time to work on it  on the sly.  That is NOT easy to do with him home so much now!

Well, I almost finished it.  I was seaming the first side seam, and I ran out of the main color.  I mean, totally, utterly, there-ain't-no-more-ma'am ran out.  I dug through my stash, and if you can believe it, I didn't have any more. Nor did I have anything that would be dark enough for the seaming.  I also needed a bit for the placket and collar.  Well, pfffft.  I ordered it through KnitPicks, and thankfully, it was still a color they had.

Meanwhile, I went back to my Oaklet Scarf.  That is one of those projects that I like to work on when visiting, or travelling.  It is small enough so it is easy to take along with whenever we go anywhere.

Sunday we had our Fellowship dinner, and in between finishing cleaning up and when the afternoon service started, I had a few minutes before going up to the piano.  Everyone was milling about chatting, so I got out the scarf to work on.  I went to take my first stitch, and realize, much to my dismay one of the needles broke!  I was using circulars (interchangeable) and it broke at a strange angle, starting close to the metal part that screws onto the cable.  Ugh!

Dale has been trying to fix it.  I had another needle that splintered (I favor wooden needles, but seriously thinking about changing that now!) and he was able to glue it back together.  It works perfectly, and you would never know.  But that was a splinter, not a clean break.  So, he has been trying to fix it.  I suspect that it won't "seat" properly, and thus the yarn won't slip over it while knitting.  I may have to replace them.

I'm waiting on yarn, and needles, so what is a knitter to do?  Start a new project.  Well, two, in fact.  I had just gotten some Homespun yarn, and I'm making a nice, warm sweater for myself for next winter.  I also started a pair of socks for Jerusha.  The sweater will be too big of a project to take along, but the socks won't.  Oh, and remembering how my needle broke, I am using these plastic, very flexible DPN's that I bought in a knitting shop in Ithaca almost a year ago!  So far, I really like them.

I've been quilting too!  It is going along nicely.  Except... well, I don't know how, but the little tab on my Big Foot, the tab that rests on the screw to the shaft that hold the thingie on that houses the needle to the machine, broke!  I couldn't believe it!  Dale tried some Crazy Glue on it, so we'll see.  It feels pretty solid, but I have my doubts as to whether or not it will hold up under free motion quilting.  I remembered that when I ordered the Big Foot, I was sent two instead of one by accident, and when I called to let them know they told me to just keep it.  I'm glad I did!  It was like an unexpected two-for-one deal.

I've got several finished tops.  I really need to get busy with a LOT of quilting!

This is a throw for the back of our couch.  This is the top, just after I finished it.  I'm glad to say it is all quilting, and I've gotten the binding made, and now I just need to attach it.  Then we can have a good cuddle under it while watching a movie!

This is the completed top for the Mystery Quilt 2013 from  the Merry Mayhem website.  I love LOVE how this turned out.  Now I'm trying to decide how to quilt it.  I'm thinking maybe stitch in the ditch, as I want the design to pop, not the quilting.  Of course, all those geometrical squares and spaces just beg for some fancy quilting, but I'm still leaning towards stitch in the ditch.

This little snuggle quilt is barely lap sized, but it is made from leftover fabric from the couch throw.  I thought I would put it over the back of the rocking chair or recliner, both of which reside in the living room with the couch.  I did a double loop quilting on the main part, and now am deciding on how to quilt the borders.

Here is one of the DPN's I mentioned earlier.  Crazy, isn't it?  Maybe I can avoid breaking them!

In between equipment failure (maybe I am just rough on stuff???? ) I have been piecing the back to Isaac's quilt.  The top is finished, and I was just going to slap some fabric on for backing, but I can't resist the fun of piecing the back.  I have enough fabric left over from the front to make it very interesting, so Isaac's quilt is still in the throws of the creative process.

The temperatures here have been FRIGID.  Just the way I like it!  We've gotten a little bit of snow, and more to come.  Hopefully enough to make for some fun activities for Josiah, Esther, Elizabeth, and Benjamin, who are all attending a Winter Retreat Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.  They are planning on sledding, tubing, snowmobiling, etc.  They are definitely going to need a bit more snow for that!

Stay warm, and have a totally wicked afternoon!


GracefulMommy said...

Hey Lisa, it is mechanicmoma from CMOMB. Regina gave me your blog and told me I should pop in and say hey! I love those quilts!

I will go read the rest of the blog now!


Lisa said...

So glad you popped in!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sounds like fun, busy days!!! Wish you could come here and teach me how to quilt! Love all of the colors!! I hope to call you soon!