Thursday, November 29, 2012

50K... And Counting!

Lookit lookit lookit!   I did it!  It has been a crazy busy month, but I hit 50K about 20 minutes ago, validated the novel, ordered my winner's t-shirt, and downloaded my free winner button for the blog.  

So, why the "and counting" in the title of this post?  

Well, I hit 50K, but I am estimating I am about halfway finished with the novel.  Oiy vey.  But now that the 50K deadline is met, the craziness need not continue, right?  You'll see more consistent posts, right?  

Ummm... don't count on it.  

Now that Nano is over, I have to work on finishing the story, catch up with some paper work for school, finishing some secret projects for Christmas, and make Isaac's birthday quilt.  We also are preparing a Christmas program at church, we are having a Christmas party (open house style) here at the parsonage on the 15th, caroling at a nursing home on the 22nd, and extra practice that evening, and the program is on on the 23rd in the evening.  That doesn't include the usual ASL classes, writing classes. Bible Quiz team practices, Teen recreation and Bible study, and the general busyness of life.  

I am looking forward to this Saturday.  Dale and I are going out on a "fancy" type date to a dinner theater.  We've been planning it for a while.  I have a special dress, shoes, shawl, and evening purse all ready to be donned for a night out on the town... or whatever the Boondocks equivalent is.  *smirk*

For now, I'm doing my goodie goodie dance and rewarding myself with chocolate for hitting the 50K.  Can't wait to do it again next year!  Maybe by then I'll have this one finished.  


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Anonymous said...

So Glad you accomplished your goal! I've missed blog posts from my favorite Post! Wow! You guys seem to be living at Warp speed! It makes me tired just reading it! With all you've got going on it amazes me that you have time to homeschool and do normal things like, you know, eat an take a shower, lol.

Love you friend!