Friday, March 4, 2011

My First Socks

Why is Esther smiling?

Because she is the first guinea pig... em, recipient, of the first pair of socks I have ever knitted! I think I'm in love with sock making. I've ordered some 40" cables for learning "Toe Up, Two at a Time" with the Magic Loop method. I have lots of socks to make for the gremlins. I have to admit, I like working with the DPNs because it seems more portable. Two at a time means keeping track of two balls of yarn, and that isn't conducive to "taking it with you". I may have to have a pair on the circular needles, and a pair going on the DPN's. But... that would be obsessive, eh?

While I am waiting for my Knitpicks order to arrive, I will be working a pair of fingerless mitts and get my Seaweed Cardigan as much done as possible. Oh, and I have to confess. I ordered some of that Aloft yarn and the River Stole pattern. Dale saw me drooling over and said "Just get some and get it over with", rolling his eyes. He has lived with a Quilt/Yarnaholic long enough to know that sometimes there is no fighting the need for fiber therapy.

Here is my first... of many I hope... pair of socks!

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