Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Bathroom Curtain

As I have mentioned before, during Dale's layoff he did some work in our upstairs bathroom. He spent a lot of time scraping several layers of yucky, old painted wall. It was gross, believe me. It all started when I was trying to clean some mold off the wall. The paint just crumbled under my rag, and I remember thinking "Well, I guess it's time to repaint the bathroom." Dale had it on his "Lay off Honey Do" list anyway. He scraped and scraped, then washed the walls, and then repainted. In the following pic the wall color is supposed to be white. The lighting for the camera seemed to go a bit wonky. He also replaced our sad, tired, broken, vanity over the sink. I didn't take a pic of that, but instead of the generic metal type, he got a cute white wooden deal that looks more modern and has clean lines to it.

Anyway, I wanted to make a special curtain as like everything else in the bathroom, was sad, tired, thread bare, and stained from mold and age. I didn't want to just slap something together, but make it special. So, since Jerusha's skirt debut last week, here is what I have been working on, and finished yesterday afternoon in time to hang it up before Dale got home:

Under my needle next is either church outfits for us gals or starting the bathrobes for the kids. I also have a wedding quilt to finish before the end of May, and Springy type throw quilt for us, and a lap quilt that is already basted and ready to quilt, just haven't gotten around to it yet. My sewing list is horribly long right now, but I'm making my way through it!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! Still waiting for Baby to make her appearance - looks like she wants to be an April Baby. :) due date is tomorrow. ((hugs and miss you my friend!) Thanks for praying for us.