Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Stuff

I feel like I have been negligent here to my blog lately! I think things are finally settling back into a normal routine. Dale is back to work.. sort of. He went back to work Tuesday, was sent home early Wednesday, and didn't go in Thursday because of how slow it is right now. They are doing inventory today so he is back to work again. We all got very used to having him home!

It is good to back into our normal routines, however. I love spontaneity, and being flexible, and all that, but there is comfort in basic routine. It gives me some direction for the day, and helps me to be more organized (though I use that word VERY loosely!).

Spring has officially sprung. I have heard of several people seeing robins, though I have yet to spot one. Elizabeth and I have been able to get some jogging in, and I've been keeping my eyes peeled, but so far,I haven't seen any. Our deep, fun, gorgeous snow is about 90% melted and gone, leaving wide patches of muddy, yucky, brown, grass visible. I'll be glad when everything starts getting green and fresh looking again. Hopefully it will be soon. We are full into "Mud Season" here, and while my kids are looking forward to spring because it means the end of the school year is approaching, and soon summer and pool time will be here, I am looking forward to the mud drying up. What a mess!

We had our annual Missions Conference with Marc and Esther Zimmerman and their lovely family. Wonderful preaching, wonderful fellowship, and a wonderful time of refreshing for us. They are going to France, Lord willing, and both are third generation missionaries! It was so interesting to talk with them and get their perspective on some many areas of discussion about current events, good and bad,and hearing of some of their experiences growing up and how deputation has been.

Esther and Elizabeth are spending a couple days at a friend's house. They, of course, were really excited about it. Their mom had already apprised me of some of their activities, so I was excited for them. I had planned on making them a couple of new everyday skirts this Spring, and had it on my "To Sew" list. I bumped it up to the top, and made them each two plain, everyday skirts to pack. Their current skirts and culottes are showing the wear,tear, and abuse they get from being worn almost everyday.

I must mention the beaded necklaces they are wearing are products of their own creativity. One afternoon we made beaded jewelry with the Zimmerman girls. I made one too, but forgot to take a pic of it.

I was going to work on the new curtain for the bathroom today, but I am sorely tempted to get out the fleece for the girls' bathrobes for their birthdays and whip those up while they aren't home. Yeah, they picked out the fleece, but I can at least get them constructed and hidden so there is some element of surprise. The bathroom curtain is pieced like a doll quilt, so it is taking more time than I had planned. I figured since Dale had spent so much time and energy cleaning, scraping, painting and putting in a new medicine cabinet, I could do something nice for the curtain.

As soon as the curtain is done,however, I plan on getting back to some real quilting. I still have two wedding quilts to get through this spring, not to mention some "chore" sewing. My machine will be busy for a few months!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your missions conf. Went well. The girls look lovely, I am sure they will have fun.