Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jerusha!

Last weekend Jerusha turned 6! I had fun telling her about the day she was born. It was during white out, blizzard conditions, the worst we had that year. The midwife, who lived 10 minutes away, took about 45 minutes to get to our house, barely in time to deliver Jerusha. My labor with her, from start to finish was just a hair over 2 hours. Don't be fooled, it was an intense 2 hours, with nothing but back labor.

Her birthday this year, though plenty of snow on the ground was a sunny, pleasant day, and we had two extras here as we were watching two of our friend's kids for 10 days while they were out of town.

Jerusha wanted a "Fancy Nancy" theme to her party, so we browsed through her book and found a few things we could do. We informed all those participating to "dress up". Jerusha and I went over the Tea Party Etiquettes in the book and decided to make the butterfly place mats. The girls all pitched and they came out quite cute!

They were all different, but below is a sample:

Dale got into the spirit of things by donning a tie... with his polo shirt.

The decorators went all out for the big event!

Here is a sample of our place settings:

The Birthday Princess was properly adorned, thanks to Memere:

Jerusha chose cheeseburgers, french fries, cheese curls and corn for her birthday meal. For dessert, instead of the traditional cake, she asked for "design your own" cupcakes. I made pink, blue, yellow and white frosting, chocolate cupcakes, and put out little bowls of candies, had some sprinkles, and everyone took turns decorating their own. Jerusha also asked for mint chocolate chip ice cream. I can't imagine where she gets her love for that stuff come from.

I put a candle on Jerusha's cupcake before we all serenaded her.

This stack of presents were waiting for her after we stuffed ourselves silly.

This ensemble came from Memere. This gift had the extra bonus of driving me crazy because I keep finding those stinkin' little feathers from the boa all over the place.

I made this fleece cape for her, by her own special request. She picked out the fabric, and all I heard since then until her birthday party was "Is my present done yet?" I sweetly told her to mind her own business. :P

With the twins quickly growing up and out of their "little girl" styles, it is nice to still have one younger one who enjoys all the frills, lace, ruffles, and girly girl stuff in life.

Happy Birthday Jerusha!

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