Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Under Construction

You probably already noticed the cosmetic changes on my blog. Not too sure I like it yet, so I may end up tinkering some more at a later time. I ran out of time and patience to mess with it. Anyway, if you check back and things look strange, that is why. :)

Dale has been home on lay off and so I've been distracted, which is why I haven't been posting much. I have been trying to get some quilting done and get a chunk of my sewing list going while he is around, but somehow we are just as busy as we normally are when he is at work. Probably because we are still doing school and a couple of needed projects and our days are still full.

We have been having some wonderful snowy days, warm enough to enjoy some outdoor activities like pulling kids around in sleds, riding the neighbors snow mobile, snowball fights, and a little hiking up in the hills in the snow. All very good workouts for me, to be sure! Thanks to my heart rate monitor, I am finding that an hour of playing in the snow with the kids burns over 400 calories! Yay!

This morning we awoke to a lovely new snow fall, and Elizabeth couldn't resist taking a few pictures. With the sun shining on it, it really is quite beautiful.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to get some sewing done. I finally finished the overdue wedding quilt for a nephew that got married in December. I have to say, that I LOVE The fabrics in this disappearing 9 patch, and I was very tempted to keep it to myself. If I had enough fabric leftover to do another one, I would whip it up, but I only have a few little remnants left. Maybe enough for a doll quilt, but not enough for a throw quilt.



Close up of the back:


I am not overly happy about the quilting. The design was supposed to be a free motion leaf pattern, and my leaves look like hearts. Gag me. Oh well, too late now, and a professional quilting friend of mine told me it looked fine, not to worry about it, so I'm not. But obviously, Josiah didn't get his artistic abilities from me.

Have a blessed day!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Hey thanks for all your help with ideas for my quilt project. I DID get that baby quilt done btw ;), just haven't had the time to edit the pics etc and put it up! SOON!

I loved seeing your Disappearing Nine Patch! Very nice! I think I am going to go with this!

Jerusha's party looked like a lot of fun! My Noah is having a party this Sunday...(his birthday was last Sunday) and Narnia is the theme! :P :) So I'm going to make an Aslan cake! :)