Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time To Make the Donuts

Any one remember that commercial? That is what I felt like last Friday. Esther was in the mood for some baking and was going to make cookies. Then she remembered that I had just bought a little donut/biscuit cutter, and decided to do that. I found my recipe for No Fry donuts, and handed it to her one afternoon, while orchestrating the post-lunch clean up routine.

She was working away, when I heard... "oops!".

Apparently she had miscalculated a measurement for doubling the recipe (in a family our size you ALWAYS at least double a recipe. Usually more.). Finally after some quick figuring, she ended up quadrupling the recipe. She got it all mixed up , and set the dough to raise while she finished her schoolwork and I went to lay down for a nap.

It seemed like I had just drifted off to sleep when Dale came in and whispered, "Honey, are you awake?"

That question always puzzles me. It is daylight, so if you have to ask if I am awake, then assume I'm not!

Anyway.... he went on to say that Esther and Elizabeth were trying to roll out the dough and needed my help.

I went out to the kitchen all squinty eyed mumbling to myself... "time to make the donuts...".

I took one look at the kitchen and shook the cobwebs out of my sluggish brains. I squinted some more. Surely there couldn't be that big of a mess. Must be a figment of my half asleep imagination.

Nope. Afraid not.

Flour and sugar and cinnamon and cookie sheets were everywhere. I was glad I had supper in the crock pot because there was no way I would be able to cook a meal any time soon in the kitchen!

I rolled up my sleeves and organized an assembly line. I rolled and cut out. Esther baked, and Elizabeth brushed with butter and did the toppings. We had vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze, and cinnamon sugar. Jerusha helped too, after she was up from her nap (I notice Dale didn't wake her up!) She tested the glaze. Especially the chocolate.

When I say, we had a kazillion donuts, I am not kidding. We worked on rolling out and baking donuts for a couple of hours. I told Esther, no more quadrupling the donut recipe! The bright side is that we haven't had to make dessert in almost 4 days. We still have enough left for several more helpings. We put some in the freezer, unfrosted or anything, for later, too.

You'd think that with the kazillion donuts we would have a corresponding number of donut holes. I made the mistake of letting children come and go and just pop one or two into their mouths willy nilly. All we had left was enough to fill this container about half full.

Of course, the end product was well worth all the effort. I'm not a fan of deep fat frying in the least, so I really have enjoyed our No Fry Donuts over the years.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, how funny! We have done a similar thing here, but with bread dough.... Do you have any idea how much bread that 24 cups of flour makes....? (hint... ALOT) We have tripled our doughnut recipe, but haven't quadrupled it. I figure that will come within the next couple of years with our crew (if not sooner, lol!) Hope to call you soon.