Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Here!

I know, the blog has been quiet for a bit. Part of it is because there really isn't much new to share. We are plugging away at homeschooling, church work, chores, the usual ebb and flow of life. We have been enjoying some gorgeous wintry days, playing in the snow, hiking the snow mobile paths, and cuddling up in front of the wood stove with hot chocolate and a movie. Dale is still on layoff, and won't be going back until around the middle of March. Our missions conference is set for March 9th through the 13th, and we are pleased to be hosting the Zimmerman family, who will be going to France.

I have been getting some sewing done. I started one wedding quilt, but then got sidetracked by helping the girls finish their jumpers, and making a flannel dress for Jerusha. I cut it out last fall, and it somehow got down to the bottom of my sewing pile, and I just rediscovered it the other day. It was all cut out and ready to go, so I whipped it up. I used a pretty blue floral flannel I had in my stash. Jerusha loves it but did comment "It should have been pink!". Of course.

The pics didn't come out that great, sorry about that! The twins did a lot of the work on their jumpers, and I helped over the harder parts.

Esther's Fabric and jumper:

Elizabeth's fabric and jumper:

Here is Jerusha's "It Should Have Been Pink" dress:

Since I set up sewing headquarters in the guest room for now, the cat has taken up my sewing chair as HIS SPOT. When I need it I evict him, and he tends to get a little peeved.

One day I was pinning a border on a throw quilt, my feet up, and Pumpkin came in, chirped at me in that funny cat way, then jumped up on my lap with a look that only cats can give. It was like, "Excuse me... but what do you think you are doing in MY seat?"

Today I hope to assemble about a bazillion half square triangle units. I have them ready from two different quilts. One is a gorgeous batik, and other is from some Moda fabric I got on sale late last summer.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! The jumpers and dress are TOO cute! :) Very becoming (even if the dress isn't pink, lol) Looks like you are all enjoying winter!