Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Second Semester Has Begun!

After that arduously long post about the Heart Rate Monitor, I feel I owe my small group of reader a short and sweet post. :)

I spent all day Saturday (well, after sleeping in very late.. hey we were up partying late New Year's Eve! Partying... aka, having a major pajama party, eating goodies, playing games, and watching movies) and everyone just slept until very late in the morning.

After I got caffeinated I spent over 5 and a half hours organizing, prepping, printing up for our second semester, which started Monday.

After some major Techno-geek fiddling around, Dale got the out of date "xlr" file format converted to a "jpg" format. He explained it all to me, but I'm afraid I glazed over. I can say, it took several steps and lots of fiddling around.

Anyway, here is what our weekly plan looks like for the Second Semester, here at the BeeHive.

We implemented it with great success, but this morning, it is all out the window. On the second day. That has GOT to be a record of some sort.

In the interest of holding to my promise of keeping it short and sweet, let's just say I planned on getting a good night's sleep last night, but Isaac did not. That lead to oversleeping this morning. Oh well... that is beauty of home schooling. We can be flexible!

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