Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Time Black Mail Picture

We were supposed to be doing chores. I thought everyone WAS doing chores. I went along in my blissful ignorance until the quiet (well, relatively quiet, at least for us) morning was interrupted by gales of laughter.

Esther, Jerusha, and Isaac emerged from the girls room, going to tea (as I was informed). I least I think it was Isaac. Unless we recently adopted a little girl, I now have another wonderful black mail picture for later.

Oh, and Isaac was renamed "Charlotte" in honor of the tea party. Lovely.

Of course pictures aren't enough. He could claim later that he was forced and didn't have a choice. I think the following is evidence enough to prove the opposite.


When Josiah was Isaac's, excuse me, Charlotte's age he used to dress up in the twins special dress up clothes. Boas, heel, hat... the whole nine yards. Anyway, you see what happens when you have older sisters who play with you like you are a little doll.


Lori said...

What cute pictures and video to show his future wife. He'll love that!

Katie said...

How cute! I remember doing the same thing to my younger brother:)

...they call me mommy... said...

haha! HOW CUTE! :) Break these out for the 15th birthday or something! ;)

Anonymous said...

Someday, I am sure he will be glad to clean out the garage, or any other tedious task, "If only you don't show that to ____" :) Love seeing your kiddos!! :) The twins had a thing for carrying around anyone elses' purse when they were that age. :)

((hugs)) SHellee

Memere said...

Nothing screams teaparty like a boy in a dress!

Nataly said...


jengi33 said...

That is adorable Lisa!!