Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Stuff

How is everyone? I know we are entering a wicked busy season of the year. Lots of stress (good and bad) and lots of fun, and lots of work to do! But that's okay. Maybe it is good to have the holiday rush so you feel burnt out. Maybe that is why I don't mind winter so much. Those January days when I still feel like I need some recovery time from the holidays are much appreciated. I am so thankful then I don't have our garden to tend to! LOL. Of course, by March, all bets are off.

I have a few "special" projects I want to work on this winter. My list keeps getting longer and longer. There is NO way I will have time to complete everything I have in mind. I'm going to have to prioritize after the holidays.

In the meantime, I am tackling my sewing pile. I finished Jerusha's moleskin jumper for church, and am in the process of making her blouse. She is such a girlie girl that I am doing the gathered long sleeves and peter pan collar with lace trim. I haven't done anything this trimmed up in a few years. The twins are outgrowing that "little girl" type style, and like more classic lines, which means quicker, simpler sewing for me. A good thing, as it gives me more time for my thousand other projects. But Jerusha is still into "pink" and "frilly" and "fluffy". For her everyday stuff I never put that much time into it. She may like all that frilly stuff, but she also likes to play outside. I'm not into the muddy ruffled look.

When get her blouse done, I'll have her get all dressed up and I'll post a pic. Immediately following the blouse are church skirts for the twins. Yes, I'll be posting pics. Of course, after that... QUILTING TIME!!!! Woot! I have fabric for my nephew' wedding on the 13 of December. I'm doing a disappearing 9 patch, cuddle quilt sized, machine pieced and quilted. Anyone think I can get it finished, wrapped and sent to Ohio in time for the wedding?

I won't bother with the list of things I have to make before Christmas. I am not going to be able to do it all, so I am working on formulating "plan B" for now. I may actually have to spend the rest of the winter catching up on my "pre-Christmas" list!

Without applesauce to do this week I almost feel at a loss of what to tackle. Almost. As I already said, I've been working on my sewing pile. Today has been a smorgasbord of tasks. This morning we did some picking up, laundry, the usual for us. I also decluttered my closet. Four bags of clothes are leaving this house. All clothes, that thankfully, I have outgrown... the right way! They were too big and it was time to get rid of them. It was refreshing. I need to do a major decluttering in the basement, but that is for after the holidays. That is on my radar, very brightly, I might add. I've already done some sewing today, which is nice. I plan to do more this afternoon.

I'm still working on my novella for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I missed writing yesterday, so I'm just a wee bit behind. No biggie. I can make it up easily tonight. Here and there around the other stuff when I have a few minutes I am still knitting, and almost done with another soaker for Isaac. I'm in a hurry to finish it because I am making a surprise for Dale for Christmas. Shhhhh! Can't say any more than that right now.

We have been tortured today with the smell of a sirloin tip roast cooking in the crock pot. It is making us salivate with anticipation. The wood stove is burning merrily along, keeping us all warm (too warm!) and cozy.

So, that is how things are here at the Beehive today. Hoping everyone's day is blessed and that you are thanking God for those blessings!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Ack! You are my hero with sewing projects! You just are so diligent and actually get things done! :D