Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Applesauce Update

After doing 94 quarts in two days, we are taking a break today from canning. One reason is that we have to do some baking. Also, Benjamin had an appointment at the orthodontist's this morning, and it wiped out a huge chunk of time.

If you are looking at that close up picture thinking something looks funny, it's because it does. They are RED braces. And no, he doesn't have them on the bottom. Yet. That will happen a little later. His top teeth need to be shifted a bit before they deal with the bottoms. He has a lot of instructions, and lot of what he can and cannot eat, but I noticed that most of the "Don't" eat stuff is junk food that we normally don't eat anyway, so no loss. He does have to be careful with something like apples. He isn't supposed to bite into it whole, but can cut it up to eat.

I've been puttering around this morning working on some odds and ends with picking up, laundry, folding, putting canned applesauce away, and making bread. Well, Elizabeth actually made the bread. Esther will be making some cookies later, she assures me. She is my chief baker. I did manage to finish Jerusha's other corduroy jumper this morning.

Isaac took one look at Benjamin's braces and laughed. Then while I was taking Benjamin's picture (what a good sport he is!) Isaac kept saying the toddler version of "cheese!" and trying to get me to take his pic. I guess he wanted to show off his cute little teeth.

We had a pleasant read aloud time listening to the old radio drama based on the book "Captain Courageous" by Rudyard Kipling. We listened to it at The Homeschool Radio Show. Every week or so they have some new freebies to listen to, and we enjoy drawing, coloring, knitting, or playing quietly while listening to the dramatic performances based on classic stories. Some of them are very humorous... like the version of Pinocchio we recently listened to that starred what'shisname who did the voice of Bugs Bunny.

It has been a regular type day for us, which is nice, since we haven't had one of those since before we left for vacation! I've forgotten what our normal routines feel like. It feels all comfortably predictable to be in our usual schedule again.

At least for today. Tomorrow it's back to the ol' grind... of the Squeezo.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! We hope to do some applesauce up later next week. tell Ben, the braces are cool. :)


P.S. we need to skype soon