Monday, October 6, 2008

Keeping the Bees Busy and a Raven's secret Visit!

Ever notice that no matter how much you get done, there is always more to do than you can shake a stick at? That is one reason why I like my "to do" lists. I can mark off what I HAVE done and be thankful for that instead of feeling discouraged over whatever else hasn't gotten done. I was thinking this morning how quickly the next 3 months will go by. We have much on the schedule. We are trying to plan a family vacation, which has been put on hold for the moment to make sure my body is rested up from last week's kerfuffle of being put on bed rest. So far so good. I do a little more each day, and so far, that has been fine. I hope to start going for walks again, but will have to do a little at a time.

So, Lord willing this month we'll go on vacation, or take several days to just spend in family time here. We also would like to go up north to visit Dale's mom, sister, bil, and niece. She is the one that was a preemie last year.. 8 weeks early! She just celebrated her 1st birthday. I can't believe how fast she is growing! She is still a peanut at a mere 17 lbs, but she has those wonderful chubby cheeks, 8 teeth, crawling all over, and pulling herself up into standing position. Praise God for His watching over her!

November is a busy month with several birthdays, plus the Harvest Dinner at church, and then Thanksgiving. Meanwhile I am trying to think ahead to Christmas, and what I need to have done before then. There are several things I would like to sew for the kids, plus we are making our own Christmas cards this year. I also need to start making meals ahead for after the baby's birth.

All that along with the normal homeschooling, baking, chores, etc.. adds up to a lot! I pray the months will go quickly though, and I know being busy will help.

Over the weekend we celebrated Josiah's 8th birthday. His birthday was actually Friday, but we figured we'd have more time on Saturday, so waited until then. When anyone in the family has a birthday they get to pick what to have for supper and what kind of cake to have. The birthday boy chose my homemade macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, carrot sticks with dip, and double layer chocolate cake. After supper he opened presents and cards. The older three had made little treasure hunts for him, which I thought was fun and creative. They also made a colorful "Happy Birthday" banner that we hung in the kitchen.

Today is pretty much a normal Monday for us. Schoolwork, lots of laundry, organizational stuff for school and shopping this week, some baking, and I am giving piano lessons late this afternoon. Usually the piano lessons are on Saturdays, but it didn't work out that way last week, so we planned it for today. I hope to be able to spend some time sewing later, although at this point it looks like it will have to wait until after my "laying down" time after lunch. Supper will be later than usual, but that is okay as this is the errand running day for Dale. We will be having some beef and vegetable hearty soup, with freshly baked whole wheat bread and butter. Anyone hungry? :)

I just had to add this in for today: While we were all resting and finishing schoolwork this afternoon, someone annonymously dropped off some goodies at our door! My oldest found it when he went out to stack some wood. There was a hug bag of potatoes.. probably at least 50lbs. A large grocery bag of apples, and some sliced store bought bread. I don't know who left it, but it is appreciated! Elizabeth is helping me make our first batch of apple crisp to serve as dessert tonight. Mmmm!

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