Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday... Yay!

I don't know what it is about Fridays that I look forward to, especially since Saturday's are usually pretty busy around here. All I know is that Friday afternoons I am thrilled the week is over and looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. This afternoon is no different. School is done, corrections are done, supper is in the crock pot, I have tomorrow's chores planned, and evening is settling in. It will soon be time for the children to come in from outside and wash up and start the inside evening chores, and supper, and then maybe I'll surprise them with popcorn and a movie night tonight.

I was very pleased with what we got done today. Here is what we were up to:
~Music practice
~Clean and organize cupboard with flour/sugar and leftovers containers
~clean and organize cupboard with bowls, griddle, and cutting boards
~Wash and hang out bedding
~wash and hang out clothing
~Outdoor work for fall
~Finish picking sunflower seeds
~start pulling up carrots

Tomorrow I have a bunch of indoor and outdoor work planned. Dale just called and said he picked up some hearty mums for the church's outdoor boxes and for our memorial garden. I will be glad to take care of those. Since the summer flowers have died off the memorial garden as been on my mind to fix up for fall. The church's outdoor flower boxes are looking sad too, so we'll take care of those as well.

The children will be assigned to help with some other chores, such as bread making, clearing garden debris, getting the water slide and blow up pool cleaned and put away, and washing windows and screens. Dale has wood stacking on his mind, so I'm sure that will be continued. We have about half of that big pile that was delivered earlier this summer stacked. Dale thinks we can fit a couple more face cords downstairs, then we'll be stacking on palettes and covering with tarps next to the house. It is good to know that we will have good heat this winter.

I also have a list of stuff to do for school next week, but if I don't get to it until Sunday night or Monday morning, that is okay. I will be washing the curtains, towels, and any clothing I can find and hanging them out as well. It is supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow!

An no, this isn't nesting for me. This is some of the regular fall stuff I like to do. Some things yet on the "Fall To Do" list are: cleaning the chimney, spreading manure on the garden patch, canning some applesauce, raking leaves, and of course, sewing, sewing, and more sewing!

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