Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Cleaning!

Saturday was a very busy but productive day here. We tackled the windows... cleaned the screens, windows, and I washed and ironed the curtains. I did some deep cleaning in the living room while the couch was pulled out. I also noticed that the curtains for the picture window are about kaput, so I took measurements and will hopefully be able to make new window treatments soon, at least, Lord willing, before baby arrives. We did a little of our regular cleaning, but didn't get the full routine done, but that is okay. Dale dusted off the ceiling fan in our room. Thank the Lord for my tall husband! LOL.

In the afternoon we did some outdoor work. The children helped by getting the rest of the garden clean up done, and dug carrots, and finished harvesting the sunflower seeds. At one point Caleb and Jerusha found the carrots and "helped" by testing them, without even washing them off first! You know they say "a peck of dirt before you die" but I don't think they need to get it all in one sitting.
Here's a pic of Caleb's face after he ate some of his carrot:

Jerusha, in typical country bumpkin style was running around all day without socks or shoes on. Good thing it was bath night! This picture is actually flattering. In real life, her feet looked a lot worse.

This next pic is actually from the other day when the girls started harvesting the sunflower seeds, but it was pretty much the same shot on Saturday, just different outfits.

I worked in the memorial garden and put some mums in for the fall. There weren't enough to do the church and ours, so I just did ours and will do the church's this week.

All work and no play makes Jack (or Benjamin, Esther, Elizabeth, Josiah, Caleb, and Jerusha.. oh, and Daddy) a dull boy, so there was some fun involved. Dale had made a deal with the children at lunch that if they could get their outdoor work done before supper, then he would give them wheel barrel rides. I notice he didn't offer me one.

Benjamin with help from sundry siblings from time to time was trying to make a tee pee out of corn stalks. It looked interesting, but I don't think I would want to wait out a rainstorm or a snowstorm in it.

For Today...

Outside my overcast morning, chilly, but slowly warming up.

I am thinking...about what projects I would like to get done this week.

Homeschooling... we are doing a unit study on birds, and Clark and Lewis right now.

I am thankful for...My helpful family! For creature comforts, like a nice hot shower at the end of a busy day, a refreshing cup of tea, my soft, comfy bed.

From the kitchen...homemade whole wheat bread, and homemade split pea soup with ham.

I am wearing...a red tshirt, old denim jumper, socks and slippers.

I am reading...The Bible, hopefully starting something new to bring on vacation.

I am get the shed cleaned out this week, and the girls' matching church dresses almost done before we leave on vacation next Monday.

I am creating...Dresses for the girls, crocheted doll blankets for H.A.N.D., and knitting a laprobe for an infirm gentleman in our congregation.

I am hearing...Elizabeth help Caleb with his schoolwork, and Josiah practicing piano.

Around the house...Lots of laundry, orginizational stuff for school and housework, a little cleaning that didn't get done over the weekend.

One of my favorite things...That very first sip of coffee in the morning.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...More fall cleaning, mainly the shed, arranging for manure to be dumped on the garden, sewing, some extra baking for our trip, planting mums at church.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Thank you to the Simple Woman for this fun excercise!

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