Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Day,Pregnancy update, and Instant Gratification

Our day began before daybreak with coffee and a nice breakfast with dh while children were still asleep. By 7:30a.m. we were out the door on the way to the MW's to pick up some paper work on the way to the hospital for an ultrasound. The ultrasound went very well. Baby looks great! There was some concern about the placement of my placenta but that is fine too.

After that we went from the hospital back to the MW's for my regular check up, and chatted, as usual, for a while over tea. I just love our time with her! My weight gain was good, and blood pressure good, etc. etc.

On our way home we had to stop at the bank, which is in the same plaza as a Michael's, and a Barne's and Nobles. We saw a sign at Michaels that their framing was 50%off this week! This is what we have been waiting for to get Aaron's portrait framed. We dropped some stuff off at Salvation Army, then went home and rushed the kids thru lunch and clean up. We gathered up Aaron's portrait and the poem I wrote for his funeral and headed back the way we just came from.

Also, this week they got Aarons headstone in, and Dale and I stopped before getting home to the kids earlier. While we were out picking out the framing, we got a plant hanger thingie that sticks in the ground. I had intended on getting some hanging mums, but they were all awful and I got a wreath instead. Dale is going to get it all wired on the hanger so it doesn't blow off in the weather, then we'll take it down to the grave and take a pic.

We also ran sundry other errands.. into Barnes and Noble for a book I ordered for school, Walmarts, and Lowe's. Whew! What a full day. I'm glad it is Friday and we can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

How you ever noticed how we are a "instant gratification" type of society? If it takes 2 minutes in the microwave its too long. Fast food isn't fast enough. We want it NOW, we want it better NOW, we don't want to wait and save up, or rest up, or take time to look up in prayer. It just takes too long. We are always looking for the quick fix.

Well, okay, I fall prey to that from time to time. Here is a silly example... I have been working on matching dresses for the girls for church this fall and winter. Being church dresses, I like to make them a little more "fussy". Cuffs on the sleeves, trim or ruffles, etc. Well, all that is cute, but it takes time. I just felt like I needed a break from that "intense" sewing and decided to do an instant gratification project... a jumper that I cut out for me about a year ago. It has been sitting in my UFO's pile for a long time. It is a very heavy corduroy, so obviously, it wasn't suitable for spring and summer wear. But now with the cooler weather, I pulled it out and whipped it together in two days. I could have had it done in ONE day, especially since it was cut out and marked already, but "life" got in the way.. you know, children, schooling, laundry, meal making.. that sort of thing. Now that is done, and I am ready to get a wiggle on the girls' dresses again. Oh yeah, I also cut out two jumpers for Jerusha, but I probably won't get to them until the church dresses are done.

Oh, another blessing is that while at Walmart I found the exact same fabric that I am making the girls' dresses out of and got enough to make a nursing jumper for me so we all can match. JoAnn's didn't have enough left for me to make so much as a matching skirt to the girls' dresses. So, I can mark one thing off my UFO sewing pile, but I added three to the list. Hmmm... that doesn't seem right! LOL

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