Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pregnancy update

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with my MW. She ended up coming here for a home visit since she was doing one practically down the road from us! That was fun.

Long story short, everything seems fine, which I'm thankful for. I am about 18 weeks now. I *think* I may have even felt some movement yesterday morning, but it was so brief an vague that I'm really not sure. LOL. You'd think after 7 babies I would be better at this!

She did say that I seemed a little small, (which I could have kissed her for LOL)and asked if I thought I was gaining weight (My scale is broken so we didn't do a weight check). I assured her I was. I can tell by the way my clothes are starting to not fit the way they did. My appetite has been coming back this week, so I am sure by our next visit she'll be able to see a big difference. I usually "pop" out between the 4th and 5th month.

We never got a reading on the baby's heart rate, though we heard it. My dh called it "drive by beatings". The scenario went something like this: MW goo's me up and slaps the Doppler on. Hunts for a few seconds. Then we hear the baby's heartbeat just long enough to recognize it is strong and about as fast as it should be. Before we can get a count the baby kicks (yes, we heard the kicking) against the Doppler and dives. MW goo's me up some more, goes after the baby. We hear the heart rate just long enough to recognize it is strong and and at the rate it should be. Before we can get a count, baby kicks and moves. This went on for about 15 minutes. I heard enough of "drive by beating" and kicking by that time to be reassured, and so was the MW. This sort of hide and seek from baby is NOT unusual for us at all at this stage. My babies like to play, I guess. :)

So, after my appointment with the midwife we went out on our date. We dropped a van load of stuff off at Salvation Army. I can't believe how much we got rid of and it doesn't even look like I made a dent in the basement! Where DID all the junk come from, anyway? I some of it is people just dropping off their junk thinking "Oh the pastor has a big family, he can probably use this stuff." I actually had one of our neighbors once say to us "I'm cleaning out my garage so I can pass a bunch of stuff over to you." The proper etiquette is to say "Thank you" then try to give it away as quickly as possible after we get it. Of course, part of the problem with cleaning and organizing the basement is that to clean up a mess like that you end up making a bigger mess. At first. The next thing I plan on tackling is the extra bedding and clothes. That is going to take a while!

After Salvation Army we went to Friendly's for dinner. We were both starving. Did I mention my appetite was coming back? I got the clam boat basket, and dh got the fishamijig platter. Yes, it is really called that. We split a sundae for dessert. We ordered it with one of their new flavor, Mud Crash Pie. It is coffee ice cream with expresso flavored chip, and chocolate chips. We had three toppings on it, whipped cream and two maraschino cherries. It was very good, and very naughty, and we enjoyed every bite.

After eating we went to Walmarts and got some stuff for VBS, and supplies for starting up school. I wasn't planning on the school stuff, but they were having a big sale and we took full advantage of it. Oh, I am pleased to say, I also started a little bit of Christmas shopping. Not much, but enough so I can say I started. LOL. I hate leaving all until the last minute. And it is easier to pay for things over time than all at once. A good way to avoid debt at Christmas, by the way.

Today, our garden gets priority. I sent my oldest ds out on a recognizance (or however you spell it) mission. The green beans are ready to be picked, so that is the chore today, and then freezing them. I am also washing bedding, and Lord willing, working on that baby quilt for a bit. That will be my reward for getting beans in the freezer!

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