Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer...


Where did that saying come from anyway? LOL. We have been keeping busy here with all the normal chores in a household of 8. I am starting to feel much better and thus I am trying to tackle some projects that have gotten left behind over the last several months.

Sewing... well, you know I finished the girls' swim dresses and bloomers. Tuesday I finished the boys' swim "short". I will post a pic of them soon. I let them pick out their own fabric, fair warning. ;) Today I cut out 3 nighties from some fabric that a friend of mine gave me. It is a somewhat slippery so I am hoping they will go together easier than I am fearing. After the nighties are done, I'll post a pick. I also have a pile of mending to do. After the girls' nightgowns, I have some quilting to catch up on, unless I think of anything else pressing that is behind and needing to be done first.

Health... Elizabeth caught a good old-fashioned summer cold and was kind enough to share it with me. Sore throat, stuffy nose, all that good stuff. I have a toothache and went into the dentist today to have it checked out and he said that he couldn't see anything on my teeth, but my gums were really inflamed. So I am using a warm water and salt solution several times a day, and hopefully that will help. If it doesn't, I'll be calling him back. Of course, it would be easier to see if I could get an Xray, but being pregnant, that is a no-no.

Fun in the sun.... we have been enjoying the water slide and little blow up pool. Also, earlier this week we went to a friend's house who has a big above ground pool. We appreciated that, and enjoyed the fellowship. This week we have been going to a VBS at a church nearby. I love the approach they have! They have their fellowship hall set up with many "tents" like a OT Jerusalem marketplace. The pastor is dressed up as a Rabbi, and there are some roman centurians walking about. Each group is labelled with a tribe name like "Judah" or "Issachar" or "Asher". They have a tent for herbs, a tent for pottery making, a tent for carpentry, a candy shop, a bakery, and a synagogue. They do things at each tent. Oh, outside they have a little "barnyard" and someone brings a couple animals each day. One day was a rooster and chicks, the next was a goat and a calf. They are bringing a pony a couple days this week. In the middle of the marketplace they have "Jacob's Well" and a blind woman. The girl has a blind fold on and really can't see, so she is learning how to get around. The only thing we haven't been pleased with is that they don't use KJV, and the music is canned, Jewish sounding, but with a strong beat that is way too contemporary for the time frame. I forgot, each day, the tribe sends two helpers up to the bakery and they help make bread for snack time. They are small little rolls, that they flatten and dip in cinnamon sugar. It is delicious!

Near future projects... getting the school books rotated and supplies organized. We start officially the second full week of August, which really isn't that far away. Also, I want to be hoeing out the basement "excess household inventory" (aka... JUNK). I am working on a little devotional about quiet time with the Lord as well, and will be posting that in parts here.

That is what we have been up too, and hopefully will be up to!

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