Monday, July 28, 2008

Mommy Monday

Do you ever have those days when all you do is be "mommy". I mean the fire putter outter, referee, crack the whip, discipline, all day type of mommy. Not the fun parts of being mommy.

That is what today was like for the most part here. It started first thing, when I made the call for breakfast. The meal was ready and on the table, and where was everyone? I had to call 3 or four times! You'd think they would be hungry. This has been going on a lot lately. They complain of being hungry, then when a meal is ready I have to practically drag them to the table, even though they enjoy the foods prepared. What is up with that?

After breakfast I set everyone to chores... some making muffins, some mixing up bread, some tidying up bedrooms, and one to wash dishes. I did laundry, worked on this week's menu, and took care of Jerusha.

First problem.. no hot water. Okay.. I clamored down the cellar steps and hit the reset on the heater. Lately it has been tripping off a lot. Then after I hung up a load of laundry I went down to the basement to work on some clothes sorting. I wasn't down there two minutes when I heard chaos up where I left order, and more importantly, ORDERS. Up the steps to straighten them all out. Check the laundry. Noticed the washer isn't washing as fast as it normally does. Probably the screen in back for the water hose needs cleaning out. Oh well... I'll ask Dale to do that. He has the big muscles to move the washer. For now, I decided to just put up with a sluggish filling each time.

Back down the stairs, and THUMP BUMP BANG etc from over my head. Back up the stairs. Discipline meted out, instructions given... this was repeated until I gave up on working in the basement. Which means, I left a huge mess from the sorting process.

Meanwhile, I have to say, the girls got their chores done, their room picked up, and played with Jerusha. The dishwasher was STILL washing dishes, and the muffin maker found out we didn't have near enough muffin cups so I told him to make loaves of sweet bread with the remainder batter. He did, and it got baking, and smelled good. OH yeah, I discovered that when the whole wheat bread was ready to be made into loaves, the pans still had hot banana bread in them. Ugh! Several loads of laundry later and several "encouragements" to the slackers, I realized it is lunchtime and I have accomplished NOTHING yet.

Nothing but being a Mommy.

Yes, sometimes our job isn't very glamorous, is it? Sometimes just being engaged in hot and heavy child training can wear us out, can't it?

This afternoon was a little better. The girls showed themselves faithful. I gave them each a portion in the garden to weed. They were done, and able to play in the water. The boys... well, they pouted, dillydallied, found every reason to stop for "just a moment", i.e. bathroom breaks, drink of water, oh I need a garden rake, etc. They never did get to play in the water. They did finally finish up though, a little while before Dale got home and were able to help him unload from shopping. As if the dragging of the feet weren't enough, there was bickering, sniping, tattletaling, you name it. I eyeballed the roll of duct tape with malevolent intentions.

Instead of doing something that wouldn't exactly warm the heart of Mother Goose, I stayed inside with the littles and sewed. I got the top to a crib quilt done, and decided to start another one with the fabric I had leftover. Once I get them quilted I'll post pics.

Anyway, this was a glimpse of real life in the Beehive today! Right now all the buzzing is ceased, and it is quiet and peaceful. Thank the Lord!

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