Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girls' Nightgowns

Isn't that a boring title to this post? I am just too tired to come up with anything creative tonight. The last couple days I have been dragging tired. I work in the morning, then lay down for naptime, and read in the afternoon, get supper ready, read and snuggle with dh, then that is it for me. I am able to drink water with chlorophyll in it now, so I should perk up soon.

Here are the twins:

And here is Jerusha posing so prettily:

Tomorrow is a busy day here for us. Possibly a play date in the morning, then in the afternoon a pastor's wife friend of mine is coming over with her children. I will start teaching them piano (3 of them.. whew!) and she is tutoring Esther and then babysitting while I go to my midwife appoint, and dh and I eat out and run some errands. One of our stops is the Salvation Army where we are dropping off quite a load of stuff from starting to clean in the basement this week. Also, we are going to pick up some craft stuff for our VBS which starts August 8th. I am sure I will be exhausted by bedtime!

Meanwhile, my next sewing project is a baby quilt. I ordered my new free motion quilting foot today, so I am hoping to get the top pieced, and the quilt sandwiched and basted so when the foot comes in I can start quilting it on the machine right away. After that I am messing around with a pattern to make a maternity/nursing modest swim suit. I priced a maternity one and it was $85!!!!! I thought, "I can do better than that." I got the material on ebay, and I am adapting an Elizabeth Lee slip pattern of all things. Will post a pic if it comes out satisfactorily. Also on my list is finishing a couple of UFO's. All that on top of more blueberry picking next week, and getting ready for school to start on the 11th, and more cleaning in the basement, and some special guests coming over the next two weekends.

Too bad there is nothing to do around here. ;)

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