Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Snippet

I don't usually get on the puter much on Sundays. My favorite thing to do is curl up and read and nap and just generally lay low. Dale usually has studying to do, so we tend to make our plans at home, to be quiet as possible for this tribe, and just enjoy a day of rest.

Here are some snap shots of our day today, thanks to Elizabeth, our resident shutterbug.

For dinner we had Chicken Elegante, corn and fruit salad, with a blueberry cobbler for dessert. I also made some special coffee for Dale and I and served it in my favorite fancy tea cups.

After eating our nice dinner, while Benjamin and Josiah were doing kitchen clean up, the rest of us went for a little stroll around the neighborhood. We wandered up to the stream and watch the water for a few minutes on the bridge. The kids were racing sticks in the water. They would drop sticks at the same time on one side of the bridge, then see which one came out on the other side first. While we were watching one of the races, a HUGE fish suddenly made an appearance right under us! I was surprised to see such a large fish in our little "crik". I think it was a trout, but I am not fish savvy, so I couldn't tell you for sure. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it, but it was too quick for us.

A little while later we walked down by a cow farm, and one of the neighbors was out with his binoculars. He was sighting a baby eagle across the field and creek and pointed it out to us, then kindly let us use his binoculars to see it better. We couldn't see much of it except a flash of white in the crook of the tree where it was nesting. The neighbor said he had been watching that particular eagle for a while, and pointed out where it liked to roost.

(I just realized I had my apron on! Sorry about that!)

When we got back it was time for the littles to take naps. Dale went to his studying and I felt all refreshed from being out in the air so I spent the afternoon listening to an audio book, and knitting. Just for fun I started working on my River stole, using the lace weight mohair yarn, "Aloft", and realized that it isn't going to be as easy as I thought. The yarn is luciously soft, but a pain to work with because it is so fuzzy! I've never worked with lace weight yarn before, and mistakingly assumed it wouldn't be any harder than using sock weight yarn. Let me assure you, it was totally different! The Seaweed Cardigan I am working on has a lace pattern, but it is not lace. The River stole is actual LACE, and I'm fining it difficult to adapt to the very thin, delicate yarn and using larger needles meant for worsted weight. The lace pattern in the cardigan is easier, I think, because the yarn is worked with needles of proper size proportion the yarn weight. Since I am a novice lace knitter, the very light weight yarn with size 8 needles seems cumbersome. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I had to frog out my stole a couple times, but I think I am finally on the right track. However, now I am back to my cardigan. I am working both fronts at once to hopefully save time and get it done! I've also started a pair of socks for Elizabeth, but my priority knitting right now is my Seaweed cardigan.

Now, if you made it through all that rambling, give yourself a reward!

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