Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Girl Quilt and Spring Fling update

Just wanted to say a "CONGRATULATIONS" to my dear friend Shellee (who comments here frequently) on the arrival of their newest blessing! We are so happy for you my dear friend!

Also wanted to "jeer" a certain man with the initials D.W. for a misleading Skype status message while we were waiting with bated breath to hear the good news. Shame on you! LOL!

I hadn't posted a picture of the baby quilt made for her yet, as I was waiting for them to get and open the package. I got such confirmation yesterday afternoon, in the same email that let us know she was in labor. Major KUDOS to the postal service. It took only 3 business days to get from here to there. Impressive! And... just in time!

Just for a little surrealism, Dale talked to my friend's husband... the naughty D.W mentioned above, around 9:30 pm, April 5th, our time (last night). He was given the stats and name of the baby girl, and told she was born at 5:31am, April 6th.

You may have to have more coffee and reread that to get it. Don't you just love time differences?

Here is the baby quilt I sent. It is made with leftover material from the flannel nursing gown.

Why is it cats think that every quilt is for them? Don't worry, I never let him get on the quilt. And no, even though Dale encouraged it, I didn't send the cat with the quilt to Japan.

The Spring Fling quilt is coming along nicely. I hope to have the top done by this weekend. I may even be able to spend Sunday afternoon quilting.

Here is the first block. I love the twirly design!

I'm hoping to get all the secondary blocks pieced today.

I was blessed to meet up with a friend yesterday and go for a nice long walk and chat and catch up with her. She is a fellow quilter, and it is fun to "shop talk" with her. But more than that, she is a good friend, and our conversations always leave me feeling invigorated and uplifted. When I got back, Dale informed me that his mom and called and they had a nice long conversation. She told him that our neice, Sara, who got married a year and a half ago, is expecting! You know what that means.

Yup, another quilt.

She isn't due until the middle of November, and I'm planning to wait until we know what the gender is before I even start, so I have plenty of time.

For those keeping score, that is 3 wedding quilts and a baby quilt, along with all the other sewing I'm doing, to make this year.

So why am I taking time to make the Spring Fling quilt?

Beats me. I just love the colors and want it for when we can sit out on the swing in the cool spring evenings.

So there.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I took this recently when I went in to wake Isaac up from a nap. He looks so cute and peaceful!

Enough rambling for me. Time to get to some sewing!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Ack! Sure rub it in my face, you wonderfully motivated awesome quilter you! :-) The baby quilt looks so sweet! :) GREAT JOB!!