Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Secret Love

I'm finally admitting it. I have a secret love. I don't remember when it all started, but I saw one blog here and another there, off and on over the last several years. My interest has grown and I finally took the plunge to indulge.

Vintage dresses.

I just love it how "back in the day" (and I mean '30s, '40's, even 50's era) how women weren't afraid to be women, know what I mean? I don't do my housework with heels and pearls on, don't worry. But whatever happened to a nice "work dress"? Maybe it is just me, but being dressed went from looking clean and neat to frumpy. I know, it's my own personal taste. As a home schooler I am at home a lot, and can easily slip into the "it doesn't matter how I look" syndrome. I'm not a sweat pant type person, so it's never gotten that bad. My usual attire is denim skirt with a nice top, or one of my corduroy skirts with a decent top.

I have always had this psychological effect as to how I am dressed. When I want to have a productive day, I dress it. I don't wear my grundgie gardening clothes. I put on a decent skirt and top, some earrings, make sure my hair and teeth are brushed, and tackle the day.

In contrast, after I have had a baby, I've learned that for those few days you are supposed to take it easy I have to dress it. In other words, I stay in pj's. If I am in my pj's, then my brain knows to slow down, and take it easy. I know, I'm weird, but I'm not afraid to admit it.

I've been visiting The Opulent Poppy blog. First of all, she is from Maine. Love her already. :) Second of all she is a very talented seamstress. I love to see the patterns she drafts and executes with panache. Thirdly, she loves the 1930's vintage type dresses and can copy them convincingly.

I'm not very good at drafting patterns, so I turned my attention to Ebay. I window shopped for a long time, then finally took the plunge.

With all the family sewing and wedding quilts I need to do right now, these patterns will just have to simmer in the back of my imagination until later this summer when the opportunity arises to do something with them.


Katie said...

I would love to see a finished project! I too love the vintage dresses.

Lesann said...

Lisa - did you see the eyelet vintage dress pattern #380294339717 on ebay? I love the collar.

Lisa said...

Oh that is pretty! ::::: droooool :::::