Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And We're Off!......

I don't mean "off" as in peculiar.

Though that may apply....

Anyway, we are off and running... first day of school was yesterday. Woot! I think I am more excited than the kids are. The first week is always a time of settling back into the routine of school. The first day is usually what public school would call "orientation".

Yesterday, we made our nature journals, personalized notebooks, got a lot of odds and ends done, did math and English, listened to "Ivanhoe" on the Homeschool Radio show (a GREAT site, btw!), and called it a day. My main goal the first week is to just get everyone back into the swing of the schedule.

Here are some pics from yesterday, before the camera blipped a "memory card full" message to me. Time to do some housecleaning on the camera!

The finished products:

Jerusha doesn't read or write yet, so I let her decorate a special notebook for when we practice her printing while learning letters.

Okay you grandparents out there reading this... did you notice something missing in that picture? Like... .maybe a tooth?

Yup, Jerusha lost her first tooth! It happened about two weeks ago, and I've been meaning to get a pic up. Such a cute little pixie face! I think we'll call her Jack... hehehehhe.

Speaking of school, I need to get off here, get everyone moving, and upload some pics from my camera so I can take a bunch more. :)


...they call me mommy... said...

The decorating notebooks is a good idea for the first day of school Lisa! I might have to steal that! I LOVE your new blog look! That quilt...*swoon* :)

Oh and I peeked at Master Your Metabolism also recently! It IS really interesting isn't it??!!! I didn't get all the way through it as the 587678678678 other books ;) on my stack were calling my name, but what I did read was informative!

Happy 2nd Day of School to you! :)

The Savage said...

The tooth was lost on Tuesday, August 3rd, just FTR... although I'm sure you have a time stamp on the pic file! ;-)

Happy New Year!!!!

Lisa said...

Ah yes indeedy... that was a memorable day to be sure! Thanks Auntie Mel for the reminder!