Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Does it Slow Down?

We have been very busy as usual, and there is no end in sight. Last Thursday my mom came out and we cooked a ton after she got here, then Friday morning we headed up north (about two hour drive) to visit my mother in law, and a couple of siblings of Dale's that were there. It was a fun day, and we got home late at night, as usual for such a trip for us. Saturday everyone slept in nicely and we just took it easy for most of the day, enjoying the time with my mom. Jerusha loves to be read to, and of course had Memere reading to her as much as she could!

The gardening has been keeping us busy, as well as the renovations to the kids' bedrooms. All is making progress. I am making good headway on the quilt. Here is a pic of the top without the borders:(sorry... I forgot to turn the pic before I uploaded it!)

Then I made flying geese units that were to go into the narrow border.

Here is is, with the narrow border with the flying geese units in it.

Today I plan to do the wide and final borders, then the top will be pieced! I am hoping by this weekend to have it sandwiched, basted, and at least ready to start quilting.

Also this week we have been trying to get to VBS at a sister church. We missed Monday night because of a doctor's appointment for Elizabeth. She has a bump under her kneecap and we wanted to have it checked out. The doctor couldn't tell us much, except that he didn't think it was serious, but of course, was withholding any diagnosis until she got an Xray, which she did Monday evening. We had our Fibers of Faith monthly meeting that night, so I couldn't take the kids to the VBS. Wednesday night we missed again because of prayer meeting at our own church.

Meanwhile, one of the elderly ladies that attended here for several years until she was put in a nursing home about a year ago, passed away. The family requested to have the funeral at our church, so we are getting ready for that on Saturday morning.

It has been good pool weather so we have been having fun splashing around. I play lifeguard and take care of Issac, and when Dale gets home I hand the baby to him and I get to go in for a quick dip before supper and getting ready for the night's activities. Dale isn't big on pool fun. However, if the weather is really bad and he has time, then I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the pool at some point.

This morning we have done laundry, some maintenance cleaning, and cooked potatoes and eggs for salad and made an antipasto salad. Now on to some sewing, and hopefully this afternoon we can enjoy cooling off in the pool.


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