Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anniversary Dinner a la Chez Benjamin

Even though our Anniversary was Monday, Tuesday night the kids did a special dinner for us. Benjamin was the main Chef, and he had helpers and a clean up crew. Have you ever been to a resteraunt where there was free babysitting provided? Well, last night was a first for us. :) While we ate, the olders entertained the youngers. Okay, we cheated and did put in the "Cinderella" DVD, but it was still helpful for someone to keep Isaac happy while we ate. Oh, and apparently there is a dress code at their resteraunt. We were in the pool before supper, and I was asked what I was going to wear by one of the kids. I said "Actually, I was thinking about getting a quick shower and throwing my pj's on."

What an uproar at that! "No you have to dress nicely!" was the general out cry. Elizabeth was mortified. She said " You can't wear pj's to an anniversary dinner! You should dress up a little.. with earrings and everything!" LOL They made Dale change out of his work t-shirt and put on a polo shirt. Apparently "casual but nice" was required.

Here we are first entering the "resturaunt".

After our arrival the baby sitting service took care of Isaac for a while. Here is one of the fabulous helpers:

She had set the table nicely, and provided us with some chimes so we could ring for service if we needed them during the meal.

Here are the flowers Dale bought me. Aren't they pretty?

We had a menu and everything!

For appetizers we had Jolly Orange Boats and Deviled Eggs.

For the main entree, we had Roly Poly Porcupines.

We also had a fruit salad, and a choice of many beverages. We chose a simple iced water as it was quite warm and muggy.

For dessert we had Blueberry Cream Cake. Yes it was very delicious.

After we finished eating we retired to the living room to chat and relax while the clean up crew did dishes and kitchen clean up. Everything was tastey and presented well. My compliments to the Chef!

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