Thursday, June 4, 2009

Three Ring Circus

Everyday I have wanted to sit down and do some blogging but the time isn't there. I haven't posted much because it is the same things basically... sewing, gardening, wood stacking, and now we have started renovating the boys' room. It started by removing all the small stuff from their room. All the clothes, games, toys, books, blankets, etc. We got the beds dismantled and taken out. The only things left are the big dressers, minus the drawers of clothes. After the rest of the furniture is out, we will tear up the rug and replace it. It really needs new carpet. It is stretched out of shape so that there are annoying ripples in it, and it is just worn. It needed replacing when we moved in 3 1/2 years ago, but we couldn't do it then. Now is the time! After the carpet is up, the new occupants of the room will get to pick the color for the walls, trim and fabric for new window treatments.

Stuff is coming up nicely in the garden, and so far we have been able to keep up with the weeds pretty well. I am hoping the manure we spread will do wonderful things for the corn this year. I was out hoeing this morning before lunch and Elizabeth and I were discussing and wondering how many of the peas will actually make it into the freezer. We love fresh, raw peas! It is habit for little hands to help themselves to the peas while they are outside. House rules... it is okay for the peas and green beans. Everything else they have to ask first. And no trampling the other veggies to get to them.

Dale brought me some soil so I can start some of my seedling lavender and flowers that I didn't have room for in the garden. I have lots of starter pots, so I figured I'd get them going and then transplant them in the garden when the peas are done. Elizabeth wants us to make lavender satchels to put in closets, cupboards and drawers. Ambitious, isn't she?

We have been enjoying some rain. Yes, enjoying! Our garden is rocky and so it drains quickly and needs lots of watering if it doesn't fall from the sky. The nearby creek looks much better after a few good rain showers as well.

We are chipping away at the wood pile, trying to get as much done before the really hot weather hits. Speaking of weather, it is has been gorgeous... upper 60', low 70's during the day and 40's or under at night. One night we even had to cover the tomato and pepper plants because of a frost warning. It was supposed to be in the 20's that night! That was last Sunday. I don't think we got the frost, as we are usually a few degrees above what they predict. Either way, the plants and flowers all fared well. Of course, this cooler weather is wonderful for me, but the kids aren't that happy with it as it is too cool to enjoy the pool, that is all set up and waiting for them. What a tease!

Another I like the rainy days is I can get more sewing done. I have completed all the Ohio Star blocks, 15 in all. Next is cutting out and assembling the Shoo Fly blocks. Lord willing, I'll get to work on that tonight.

Isaac continues to grow daily it seems. He is getting quite vocal with coos, but now with the higher pitched "surprised" sounds that crack us up. He likes to practice each new sound as he discovers them. I wonder if he'll be a big chatter. If he can get a word in edgewise around here! He also has rolled over for the first time by himself. I am glad for him, but oh, does the time go by quickly! Here is a pic of his first roll from back to front: He looks like he is saying :" Okay... now what?"

I was amused yesterday at a few of my children. They were "playing" school. Elizabeth was the teacher, and she had work for Caleb and Jerusha. Last night while she was waiting for Dale to go in and pray with her before bed, she was making up more seat work for Caleb and Jerusha. She's better at this than I am! LOL

In the evening I like to go for a walk, weather permitting. We had our first bouquet for the year. Actually it is the second one. The first one we dropped off the home of a couple that comes to church. They are an older couple, and the husband hasn't been well and is very frail. It was along our route, so we dropped it off. Then we just picked more daisies on the way home.

Same old same old here... busy, but also taking time to enjoy the simple things. I can't wait to go and pick out paint and fabric with the new occupants of the boys room. They don't know who is ending up where yet. I love surprising them and keeping them guessing. Benjamin has been mulling it over and actually has it all figured out correctly, but I didn't let on yet.

By the way, any out of state grandparents reading this, we aren't too busy to enjoy a visit. We will also be able to make room around temporary residents downstairs.

Not to hint or anything. :D

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