Monday, November 14, 2016

Some Recent Bargains!

Who doesn't like a good deal?  Especially on a shnazzy looking outfit to wear on "Date Day".  This morning Dale was kind enough to snap these pics before we went out the door so I could share on my blog.  

I know some people don't care for thrift stores, but I love to poke around in them.  True, some things are a undesirable, but I love it when I find something unexpected and it is on sale.  

Excuse the strange expression on my face, and the red eyes.  I think I was saying "Let me know when you are ready to take the pic" and , well, apparently he was!  

The white turtleneck I've had for so long that I didn't count in the cost of the outfit.  The cute argyle sweater was a whopping .49 cent (I just now realized that I don't have a cents sign on my laptop!) at the thrift store.  The skirt was around $2.49, if I remember correctly.

Now just to prove you don't have to only shop of thrift stores and yard sales to get a good deal, these boots I bought brand-spankin'-new at a Payless a couple of weeks ago.  I had to get winter boots for Jerusha and work shoes for Dale.  They were having a sale, and a had a cupon I received in the mail.  The money I saved from the sale and coupon paid for my boots.    Awesome!   It didn't, however pay for the water protection treatment I got to put on the boots, but that wasn't much.

BUT.... the best deal award goes to my husband.  Our big 15 passenger van didn't pass inspection because one of the tread on one of the tires was too low.  After nosing around and making about two dozen phone calls, my husband managed to find a brand new, heavy duty tire for our van.  Usually these tires cost around $200, give or take.  He got it for... drum roll please.... $25!  

Love those bargains!


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Shellee Wilhite said...

LOVE your outfit! You are adorable!! What a great find on the tire, isn't But God good?!? Love you my friend!