Thursday, November 10, 2016

I. Need. Tea.

For the past two days I've been wrangling with some technical issues on my blog.  Long story short, I'm trying to do some changing up around here, and I seem to be such a techno-dork that I can't figure the simplest little computer trick.  After two days of these, calls to tech geeks, and questions on different geek squad boards, I'm still nowhere with my issue. I feel like this:

So, after venting to my best friend, and praying with her over my laptop issues, and several others that are weighing on me (car problems, for example), I decided it was time to just drop my technical acrobatics and just get on with my life.  

Enter the tea... nice, calming chamomile tea.  I even have "Anxiety Ease" in the diffuser.  I think from here I will work on some quilting, which brings me to the purpose of this entry.  Time to do a little crafting-catch-up.

I started a sampler class on Craftsy a while ago, and have moved twice since then.  Obviously, that means that the project has gotten put aside.  I finally decided to get it out and try to finish it up this year, at least to the point where I can call it a flimsy.  

Cleopatra's Puzzle Block

Friendship Circle Block

Drunkard's Path Block

Below is a snuggle quilt I just finished up... mark one off the UFO list!

 This is a custom FMG attempt on a WIP just for fun!

Fun Fact:  November 8th here was so warm I hung laundry out.  In North-Western PA.!

Okay, finishing up my tea and treating myself to some more quilting time.



Leisa said...

You sound much more relaxed already. I'm still cleaning my house in preparation for 8 a.m.

Shellee Wilhite said...

Can't believe you were able to hang laundry out on my birthday!! Crazy weather! Love seeing the quilts you're working on.

Regina said...

I'm so glad to "see" more of your posts dear friend! I love seeing your quilts. Your creativity is absolutely amazing to me! The color combinations you choose is just beautiful!

To answer your question, I went in for knee surgery on July 26th. I had a complex tear in my right meniscus, he also cleaned up the cartilage and arthritis in there. At the 2 week post-op time frame we got a new puppy with the thought that she would need to be walked, which is what the Dr told me I needed to be doing for my rehab. A couple days later I came down with a very bad case of Acute Bronchitis which landed me on my back for a while. With the surgery and the bronchitis, it caused a blood clot to form in my left leg. I've been on Xarelto, compression hoses, heating pad 4x/day, and (wonder of all wonders) exercise--specifically leg lifts in every conceivable direction--for 45 days. I've since been released from the regimine, but obviously exercise. I'm up to roughly 50 reps in every direction per leg each day. I say roughly only because some days it's more. Now, thankfully, I can continue with my weight loss plans and work unencumbered with needing to stop and do heating pads. I'm so thankful!

So that's the condensed version. LOL

I hope things are going well with all of you!

Much Love,