Saturday, August 31, 2013

School Days!

Our first full week is over!  Only 175 more days to go!

Actually, whose counting?

So far the kids and I have been adjusting to our new schedule very well.  I have to admit, adapting our routines hasn't been as difficult as I imagined they would be.  Except for the night before the first day, everyone has gone to bed well, and has gotten up quickly enough.  Dale, had only two days by himself (if you don't count the company of Pumpkin our cat) because he subbed two days while the Greene's were gone, taking their oldest daughter to college in Wisconsin.  Dale was at school on Tuesday to observe and see how things are done, and subbed Thursday and Friday.

Our days start out with taking attendance, then opening in the church auditorium with pledges and announcements.  Then we are dismissed to our classes where we each do our devotions, except for on Wednesdays, when we have chapel and either Mr. Greene, or a special speaker preaches.

During the morning hours I try and get all our PACE work done.  We have break at 10:15 am.  Then, about 20 minutes later it is back to work until lunchtime, which starts at 11:45 for us.  We play in the gym, or outside, depending on the weather and desire of the children.

All our breaks and lunches, and gym class are with Learning Center 2, which is the Elementary age children. So far that arrange has worked out really well!

After lunch, there is Rest/Quiet Time until 1pm.  Now, Isaac has never been a good napper.  E-V-E-R.  Sure, he might fall asleep in the van on a trip, but his usual routine doesn't include a nap time.  There were many times I wished it did, but alas.  You can lead a kid to a blankie, but you can't make him sleep.

Except for Monday, every single day (including today at home, incidentally!  GASP!) that little no-napper has taken a nap!  We have a cute play house that you can pull apart.  You see Isaac here in half of it settling down.  He wasn't really asleep here, but getting sleepy.  Just before he falls asleep he flips over onto his tummy, and snuggles down.  Yes, even in the hot, humid, weather we have been having!

This is my girl Emily.  She definitely doesn't nap!  So, during quiet time I find constructive activities for her to do such as beading, review games for what she is learning, and crafts, or reading to her.  I tried for a couple of days to get her to at least lay down for a bit, but that wasn't going work.  By the way, Buggy, the other little boy who comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays doesn't nap either.  I try to get him to lay down for a bit because he is a little younger than Isaac, but he is up about 872 times a minute to go potty, or needs a drink, or wants to know where "my teacher" is (he hasn't mastered calling me "Mrs. Post" yet).  Usually I am in the other part of the room with Emily, or sitting at my desk.  Little stinker just doesn't want to rest!

This past week we made apple wreaths for a craft.  They stamped apple shapes onto Kraft paper then we little the paint dry.

Then we cut out the apples and glued them onto a paper plate, with the middle cut out so it looks like a wreath.  Of course I forgot to take a pic of the finished product!

Emily was working on hers during quiet time, and I was sitting with her.  I took out some hand quilting and she was very interest in that.

So, I showed her about English Paper Piecing.  She asked, "Can you teach me how to sew?"  Well now, if I help another quilter to be born, then my year has been successful!  So, I'm going to look up some ideas about teaching 5 year olds some sewing, and talk to her mom about it.  If she says it is okay, then I'll send home a list of supplies, and we'll have some impromptu sewing lessons while Isaac is napping.

Much to my delight, a time for a Nature Walk was allowed to begin.  It started with me wanting to take my class.  Then I told the Learning Center 2 supervisor I could take her class.  She was all for it. She stayed behind to catch up on some office work (she is also the school secretary), plus she has hip problems so walking sometimes is a challenge for her.  For this week I told the kids to just bring a small notebook, and some crayons, or at least a pencil.  I then instructed them to pick something to observe something that God made, and use all their senses to record what they see in their notebooks.

This yellow spider was found when we were starting back into the school.  And this is a terrible pic of him!  Or her?  I think that is an egg sack on the back of it.

We had a wonderful first week!  I awarded Emily and Isaac on Friday with a Reward Card to take home that said they had successfully finished the first week of school and had no homework.  They are SO cute!

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