Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of Summer Vacation

Well, in just a couple of days we will be embarking on our new school year.  New school, new routines, new everything!

Since my last post we have been, predictably, very busy.  We had VBS the last week of July, going into August.  We were cordially invited by the Greene's at God's Adventure Camp to take the VBS kids up riding.

We had this cute little cut out to take pics of the kids with.  Everyone had a turn, even Dale, but this one was super cute I think!

Benjamin was in charge of the games with some help from a few others.  I don't really know who had more fun: Benjamin or the wee ones!

Josiah trying to tag me during one game.

A couple of afternoons it got pretty hot, and I took the kids down to the swimming hole where we swam with some friends.  I think the water was FREEZING but that didn't stop them from enjoying the time!

The county fair was the same week as our VBS but we set aside a few hours on Friday to check it out.  It was a lot of fun!  Crafting shows, the Horse shows, rides, and animal contests.  So much fun!  I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had VBS that night and had to get back to get ready for it.

While I was off at a Horse show, Dale let Jerusha and Caleb ride this thing.  See those cars?  They go around, and around, like all the way upside down!  My BABIES were in that death trap!  (Oh yeah, they LOVED every moment of it!  Crazy kids...... )

Isaac was too small to ride some of the rides but Dale went on some of the more age appropriate ones with him.  Whadda ham.  

Jerusha and Caleb rode this one solo.   Later the twins and I rode it too.  

August 3rd was the annual birthday bash for friend's of ours, and we went and enjoyed ourselves. After the busyness of the summer, and VBS, we were glad to kick back and watch the kiddoes haves some good, clean, if somewhat we fun.

This was a water balloon slingshot.  Anyone who wanted to try got a turn.

The traditional water fight.  Hehehehehehe!

Me:  "Smile Isaac!  I'm taking your picture!"
Isaac:  "No.  I all wet."

Forget the little bitty squirt guns and water balloons.  Moving on to bottles and buckets!

Sisterly love, eh?

"Ohhhhh mother!"

 After a point, it just doesn't matter if you get all wet anymore!  I have no clue if Jerusha was trying to fill a bottle, or go for a swim.

And this, my friend, is what happens when you go after Mom in a water fight when she is still holding the camera and doesn't want to get wet.

End of part one.  :)

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