Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor (Filled) Day

Sometimes things just don't go as planned.

At the beginning of last week, the kids and I decided we wanted a "P.J." day.  You know the type: P.J.'s, games, reading... that sort of stuff.  I thought Labor Day would be a good day for that.  On paper it looked good.  In theory it was sound.  Realistically... never happened!

Saturday, after Dale, Caleb, and Benjamin got back from their duties at church, saw some of the family going off to pick blueberries!  An acquaintance, connected to the church and school, offered them to us.  They were ours for the picking!  We filled four of these buckets.  Yummy!

The Greene's had told us we could pick some corn while we were taking care of their animals for a few days.  Yup, we did.  So, I had corn to freeze.  Yummy... er, ditto!

The Greene's got in very late Sunday night.... or rather very early Monday morning.  Late morning Mr. Greene called to see if any of our kids were available to help up at the camp to prepare for the School Retreat this Friday.  So after lunch, Benjamin, Esther, Josiah and I made ourselves useful.  Unlike the sheep, which were out, running around, and shamelessly enjoying some freedom.

I think this one was feeling sheepish.  *snort*

Freaky eyes on these two!

Benjamin driving the tractor full of... well, let's just say the barn and horse stalls look really good now.  They made two runs with the honey wagon filled.  

Friday we were in Olean picking up glasses for Benjamin, Elizabeth and Josiah. This is Josiah's first time with glasses.  And no, he won't let me take a pic.  He says he looks "dorky".  I just told him, "Well, you picked out your own glasses!"    Anyway, while we were up there, we ran a couple of errands, and Dale got me these flowers as a "congratulations on finishing your first week of teaching".  Look at how they turned the water pink!

We are into our second week of school, and there is LOTS going on.  Monday, of course, there were no classes.  Today we had volleyball practice, the last one before our first game.  Caleb wasn't well, so he stayed home with Dale, and I brought home some work for him to do if he felt up to it.  Isaac is feeling suspiciously warm to the touch, so I'll be keeping a close eye on him tonight.  Tomorrow, my ASL class starts up again after school.  The girls are taking it IN school, so looks like I'll be on my own unless they want to join in for the practice.  Thursday we have school pictures, and Friday is the School Retreat.  This week is going to go by in a hurry!

I have to report that my "new" student has been doing very, very well!  And, I found out, I might be getting another little one!  My class will be up to a whopping 4 kids.  That's okay.  I don't think I could handle a whole gaggle of this age.  Whew!

This week are studying the letter Mm, and our story is about Milton Mule.  Handy, as the Greene's have a mule on the farm, so they will get to see and pet (and maybe ride... oh, gulp!) a real mule instead of just reading about it.

Have a blessed evening!

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