Sunday, April 1, 2012

What a Week!

And it ain't over yet.

A week ago, Saturday night, Isaac kicked off our bout with the tummy bug. Tuesday night it was Caleb's turn. Then, Thursday night Isaac took another turn. This time it was much worse for him. He was throwing up literally every 15 minutes, for hours. I could watch the clock and tell you when he would be throwing up again. That finally slowed down and he was able to get into a nice deep, healing sleep.

Around 3:30 a.m. Benjamin started throwing up, and couldn't keep anything down for almost 24 hours. Saturday morning, a week from when all this started, I woke up and heard mild bickering between some of the siblings, and it was actually a GOOD sound. Kids are feeling better!

We had a pleasant pancake brunch, and as we were starting kitchen clean up Josiah said his tummy hurt, so he laid down on the couch, with a bucket, then needed to use it not long after that.

The rest of us were functioning enough to get some of the basics done. Esther and I went over to church to clean, and I decluttered, organized, and rearranged, then cleaned the nursery. It was on my list of things to do before the Missions Conference in late April, and figured since I was doing the cleaning at church this week instead of Benjamin, I would get it done. Esther was an excellent helper.

I was meeting a friend around 2:30 at the church. We both had dresses to cut out and we used the long tables in the basement. It was nice to chat while doing that job. The dress pattern I am using for the twins' church dresses is a PAIN to cut out. I've never cut out such a picky pattern! Everything was either single layer, or folded funny, or upside down, or I had to stand on my head and gargle peanut butter to get it done. Oiy.

Esther had asked what time she should go over to help Dale with supper (as usual, I was running late) and I told her 5pm. She left around then, and I didn't think anything of it. Around 6 p.m., my friend left, and I had just a few more minutes to go, as I was done cutting out the twins' dresses, and mine was super easy so I figured I would get that done quickly so I called Dale to let him know I'd be there shortly.

He said, "Guess who's throwing up now."

Oh great.

Esther! I couldn't believe it. Apparently this bug hits suddenly and hard. All day she was helping me, goofing around, being herself, then all of a sudden is become best buddies with the bottom of a bucket.

I got home and Elizabeth and Dale had supper about ready for those of us who could eat. Then Dale told me he had been having some lower GI tract issues (diahrea folks, in case you don't get the clue). It's weird, but with Dale, that is how the bug has always affected him. In our over 20 years of marriage, I think I've only seen him throw up once, and come close to it once.

So the evening became... interesting, to say the least. I had Josiah still throwing up, intermittenly, Esther frequently, and Dale spending more time in the bathroom than a teenage girl. I had some baths done, when he called for me to come in, and he was very pale. He had gone in to check on Jerusha or something, then felt like he was going to pass out, so sat down on the potty, and leaned against the wall. I put a cold compress on the back of his neck, and got him a drink of water. After about ten minutes he improved enough so he could get up and go into the bedroom, change, and get into bed. I made him drink some orange juice, and he fell asleep for a while. When I checked on him his color was back and he seemed much improved.

Meanwhile, there was still a bucket brigade going on with Esther, and Josiah was trying to find time to get a shower. We have two bathrooms in this house, and usually that is enough, but last night I really wished for another bathroom or two.

I also now had some phone calls to make. I tried to get someone to replace Dale in the pulpit at church, but couldn't do it as people were sick, or a spouse just had surgery, in one instance. So, time to cancel services, and one of the ladies at church helped to make the calls.

Children were bedded down, and soon things began to quiet down. Around 11 I realized I was walking around the house looking for something to do. I had made it a habit to make "rounds" from our room to the downstairs, and back up. Now everyone seemed to be sleeping but me and the cat.

I decided to camp out downstairs. The furniture in the Rec area were taking up with bodies, so I wen in the guest room and crashed on the bed. Tossed, and turned, totally on high alert. I assisted Esther a few times, and then must have fallen asleep around 2 or so. Next thing I knew, I woke up, and heard Isaac upstairs crying. I threw a stick of wood at the stove on the way by, and went in as Dale was going in, and guess what? Isaac was throwing up again.

Okay, this is the third round for the little guy. Dale was feeling much better and gave me a hand while I cleaned up the mess and got Isaac settled on the couch. I shoo'd Dale back to bed a little while ago and now am back to making rounds. I already told Dale when Elizabeth is up, or Benjamin (and if he is feeling up to it) and Dale is able, I'm running down to the store to pick up some Pedialyte and Gatorade for everyone.

Elizabeth, Jerusha and I are the only ones not affected. Yet. I feel like I should start issueing Hazmat suits. Elizabeth is hopeful we won't get it. Personally, I think our days are numbered. I sent the two healthy girls to bed with buckets, just in case.

This bug is insiduous. It hits fast and hard, and apparently repeatedly. You can be going full bore in your usual activities, and then BAM, you down for the count. No warning. No preceding fevers, or feeling "weird". Just one minute you are fine, the next you aren't.

Well, I think I will go make some coffee, and a little shopping list. I hope the upcoming week is much more boring then the last one was.

This is Dr. Mom signing off at sickbay, 5:45 a.m., Zulu.


Anonymous said...

Ewwww, Oh Lisa, I will be praying for you all SO much. I will definitely be praying that you will miraculously be spared from the bug, Elizabeth and Jerusha too. Eat lots of garlic.

love& prayers,

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you. What an ordeal, especially for little Isaac. I'll keep you and your family in prayer. ((((hugs))))

Duane and Shellee said...

How is everyone doing? Thinking and praying for you ! Hugs,